10 Best Cb3 431 C7ex Of 2022

10 Best Cb3 431 C7ex Of 2022

Are you searching for the best cb3 431 c7ex? Confused with too many options? If that is your situation, you have come to the right place. This is your ultimate guide to buying the cb3 431 c7ex.

We understand how much of a hassle it can be to go through thousands of reviews when you have too many options. So, leave all your worries, check out this ultimate guide, and make a hassle-free purchase decision.

10 Best cb3 431 c7ex Reviews in 2022

1. 45W AC Charger Replacement for Acer Chromebook 14 15 N16P1 CB3-431 CB3-532 CB3-431-C5FM CB3-431-C0AK CB3-431-C5EX CB3-431-C7EX CB3-431-C3WS CB3-532-C47C Laptop Adapter Power Supply Cord

Features :

  • Replacement for Acer Chromebook 14 15 N16P1 CB3-431 CB3-532 CB3-431-C5FM CB3-431-C0AK CB3-431-C5EX CB3-431-C7EX CB3-431-C3WS CB3-532-C47C
  • Nicpower Charger Input:100-240V Output Max:19V 2.37A 45W(also compatible with 19V 2.1A 40W)
  • Nicpower chargers manufactured with the highest quality materials small and lightweight fine workmanship and include OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection).
  • What you get:1 x AC Adapter & 1 x Power Cord
  • Service & Support:30 Days No-hassle Return Policy / Manufacturer 12 Months Warranty

Additional Info :

Color CB3-431
Item Dimensions
Height 1.574803148
Width 3.149606296
Length 3.543307083

2. AC Charger Fit for Acer A13-045N2A Chromebook 14 15 11 N16P1 N15Q9 N16Q9 CB3-431 CB5-531 CB3-431-C5FM CB5-132T CB3-431-C3WS CB3-431-C7EX CB3-431-C0AK CB3-431-C5EX Laptop Adapter Power Supply Cord

Features :

  • UL Listed Products – the product has successfully met stringent requirements.Manufactured with the highest quality materials and include multiple smart features safeguarding against IV – incorrect voltage, SC – short circuit, IO – internal overheating.
  • Fit for Acer A13-045N2A Chromebook 14 15 11 N16P1 N15Q9 N16Q9 CB3-431 CB5-531 CB3-431-C5FM CB3-431-C3WS CB3-431-C7EX CB3-431-C0AK CB3-431-C5EX Laptops
  • Package includes – 1 * power adapter
  • Output Max – 19V 3.42A 65W (or 19V 2.15A/2.37A 40W/45W) Input Volt Range: 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Guarantee – Within 30 days of purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked replacement or full refund guarantee, 365 Days Warranty Guaranteed by the Manufacturer

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.149606296
Width 2.755905509
Length 3.93700787
Weight 0.3747858454

3. AC Adapter Charger for Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C3WS, CB3-431-C7EX. by Galaxy Bang USA

Features :

  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials and include laptop safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating. 100% COMPATIBLITY (*Smart Chip Technology) with the original.
  • CE/FCC/RoHS certified, tested by manufacturer to match specifications of OEM products. *Safe *Peace Of Mind
  • Worldwide Input Voltage: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz; Safety: Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection
  • Output (Auto adjust): 19V 3.42A 65W (also compatible with 19V 2.37A 45W)^^Brand New With 1 Year Worry-Free Warranty^^*Ships From USA*^^100% Compatible Replacement Adapter, NOT an Original Acer product

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 8
Length 6

4. N15Q8 N15Q9 N16P1 AC Charger for Acer Chromebook 11 13 14 15 R11 C720 C720-2844 C738T C910 R15 R5-571TG CB5-132T CB3-131 CB3-111 CB3-532 CB3-132-C4VV CB3-431-C7EX CB3-131-C3SZ PA-1450-26 A13-045N2A

Features :

  • Specifications : Output:19V 3.42A 65W (Compatible with 19V 2.37A/2.15A 45W/40W) Input:100-240V 50-60Hz Connector Size:3.0*1.1mm Package:1x Ac adapter and 1x Ac power Cord Durability: Durable material and superior components ensure long durability, regardless of scrapes, bumps, or drops
  • Compatible for Acer Chromebook 11 R11 13 14 15 C720 C720P C740 CB3-111 CB3-131 CB3-132 C730 C730E CB5-132T C738T C731 CB5-311 CB5-311P CB3-431 CB3-431-C5FM CB3-431-C7EX CB3-431-C3WS CB3-431-C5EX CB3-431-C0AK CB3-531 CB3-532 CB3-531-C4A5 CB3-532-C47C CB3-532-C8DF CB5-571-C1DZ CB5-571-C4G4 CB5-571-C09S C720-2848 C720p-2625 C740-C4PE C740-C3P1 CB5-132T-C8ZW CB5-132T-C9KK CB5-132T-C1LK C738T-C44Z CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-131-C3KD CB3-111-C670 CB3-111-C8UB C731-C8VE AO1-131-C7DW (Not fit for C7 C710)
  • Compatible for Acer Aspire S5 S5-371 S7 S7-391 P3 R13 R5-571T R5-571T-59DC R5-471T-50UD R5-471T-51UN R5-571TG R5-571TG-57YD R5-571TG-78G8 R7 R7-371T R7-372T R7-572 A01-131 A01-131-C9RK A01-131-C9PM A01-431 A01-431-C8G8 C720-2103 C720-2420 C720-2800 C720-2802 C720-2827 C720-2844 C720-2848 C720-3404 C720-3605 C720-3871 C720P-2457 C720P-2600 C720P-2625 C720P-2661 C720P-2666 C720P-2834 C738T-C44Z C740-C3P1 C740-C4PE C730E C735 C730E-C4BA
  • Safety: Exclusive charging technologies used in our products to deliver the fastest charing speed. Your device will get power quickly.manufactured with the highest quality materials.CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over current protection. Made and Sold by professional factory directly.
  • Perfect After-sale: 60 Days no-questions-asked full money back and 12 Months free exchange guarantee. The return window will be closed a month after you received the the product.Contact us by follow step:Please click on seller store on right corner “ask a question” and contact seller directly for 12 month warranty and 60 days money back.

Additional Info :

Color black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.18
Width 1.81
Length 4.2

5. BRIGHTFOCAL New Screen Replacement for Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C7EX 14.0″ Non-Touch FHD 1080P WUXGA LED IPS Screen LED LCD Screen Display

Features :

  • Fast Shipping to Every Customer from BrightFocal!
  • Compatible Model: BRIGHTFOCAL NEW SCREEN Replacement For Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C7EX 14.0″ Non-Touch FHD 1080P WUXGA LED IPS Screen LED LCD Screen Display
  • Important: You must match the RESOLUTION, BACKLIGHT, and SCREEN SIZE, TOUCH/NON-TOUCH to your current screen. You cannot deviate from your current screen specifications. Purchasing a screen with different specifications will not work with your system. If you are unsure what your current screen specification is, please contact us before purchase and we will gladly help. BrightFocal provides 100% compatible new item and your satisifaction is guaranteed.
  • Package includes Brand NEW LCD screen only, no extra control board, bezel, back cover, instruction or tool etc. Please keep your original parts. Please confirm with us if you are not sure which parts fit your machine.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.7

6. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control – Black

Features :

  • Three levels of world-class noise cancellation for better listening experience in any environment
  • Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information, and more
  • Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear sound and voice pick-up
  • Balanced audio performance at any volume
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth pairing, personalized settings, access to future updates, and more through the Bose connect app. USB cable: 12 inch
  • Bose AR enabled — an innovative, audio-only version of augmented reality
  • For iPhone, iPad, and Android users, be sure your product’s firmware is up to date through the Bose connect app. Then you can access a showcase of Bose AR enhanced apps with Links to download them.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 7.1
Width 6.7
Length 3.2
Weight 0.52
Release Date 2017-10-13T00:00:01Z

7. Logitech G Extreme 3D Pro Joystick for Windows – Black/Silver

Features :

  • Logitech Exreme 3D Pro Joystick, Take Control: With advanced controls and a custom twist-handle rudder, this joystick is stable and precise whether you’re dropping bombs or firing guns
  • 12 Programmable Buttons: Easily configure each button of this controller to execute simple single commands or intricate macros involving multiple keystrokes, mouse events and more
  • 8-way Hat Switch: The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Precision Fightstick is designed to accurately capture specialised input specific to flight sims
  • Rapid-fire Trigger: Lock on and let loose. Pull the trigger as fast as you want, confident that every twitch of your finger will be captured without missing a beat
  • Comfortable Hand Grip: Sculpted curves support the natural shape and position of your palm and fingers for hours of comfortable flying

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 8.4
Width 8.8
Length 9.2
Weight 2.204622622

8. 65W 19V 3.42A AC Adapter Laptop Charger Compatible for Acer Chromebook R11 11 13 14 15 C720 C720P C740 C810 CB3-431 CB3-131 CB3-532 CB5-571 N15Q8 N15Q9 N16P1 A11-065N1A A13-045N2A Power Supply Cord

Features :

  • Output: 19V 3.42A 65W ; Input: 100~240V / 50~60Hz; Connector size: 3.0mm * 1.1mm; Outlet: 3-prong (Be Carefully!!! Please Check The Connector !!!)
  • Compatible Part Numbers: N15Q8 N15Q9 N16P1 A13-045N2A PA-1450-26, PA-1650-80, NP.ADT11.00F, NX.SHEAA.001, KP.06503.007, NP.ADT11.00C, KP.06503.005, AK.045AP.060, PA-1650-80AW charger cord.
  • Compatible Models:Acer Chromebook 15 14 13 11 R11 C720 C720P C740 C910 CB3 CB5 Series CB3-111 CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-111-C4HT CB3-111-C670 CB3-111-C8UB CB3-131 CB3-131-C3VC CB3-431 CB3-431-C5FM CB3-532 CB3-532-C47C; CB5-571 CB5-571-362Q CB5-571-C09S CB5-571-C1DZ CB5-132T CB5-132T-C1LK CB5-132T-C32M CB5-132T-C8ZW; C720-2103 C720-2420 C720-2800 C720P-2457 C720P-2625 C910-3916 C910-54M1; Aspire One Cloudbook AO1-131, AO1-431, AO1-131-C9PM, AO1-131-C9R Notebook AC PC Charger Adpter Power Supply.
  • 100% New from Manufacturer,Compatibility With the Original, CE/FCC/UL or ROHS Certified for Security Assurances.
  • Package Content: 1x Ac Adapter; 1x Ac Power Cable. Warranty:30 Days Money Back Guarantee/12 Months Warranty. 24×7 email support.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.69
Width 6.5
Length 8.7

9. 65W 19V 3.42A Laptop Charger for Acer Chromebook CB3 CB3-111 CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-431 CB3-532 CB5 CB5-132T CB5-571 R11 11 13 14 15 C720 C720P C740;fit N16P1 PA-1650-80 A11-065N1A Power Cord

Features :

  • Input: AC 100 ~ 240V 50~60Hz Output Voltage:19V 3.42A 65W Connector Size: 3.0*1.1mm Outlet: 3-prong Cord Cable: US plug ;Replacement ACER Laptop Power Supply AC Adapter Charger Cord from WENYAA(Please make sure the charger adapter fits your laptop before bidding);
  • Compatible With: Acer Chromebook CB3 CB3-111 CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-431 CB3-532 CB5 CB5-132T CB5-571 R11 11 13 14 15 C720 C720P C740 Series;CB3-111, CB3-111-C19A, CB3-111-C4HT, CB3-111-C4T3, CB3-111-C670, CB3-111-C6EQ CB3-431, CB3-431-C5FM, CB3-431-C5XK, CB3-431-C3WS, CB3-431-C7EX;
  • Fit for Part Numbers: N15Q8 N15Q9 N16P1 A13-045N2A PA-1450-26, PA-1650-80, NP.ADT11.00F, NX.SHEAA.001, KP.06503.007, NP.ADT11.00C, KP.06503.005, AK.045AP.060, PA-1650-80AW.
  • High Quality & Safe Protection Certified: CE/ ROHS Certified for Security,100% Compatibility With the Original.
  • What You Get: 1 Replacement Power Adapter & 1 Power Cord. At WENYAA, we provide 12-month product warranty and perfect customer service!

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 2
Length 8

10. 65W N15Q9 N15Q8 19V 2.37A Laptop Charger for Acer Chromebook CB3-532 C720 C740 C731 11 R11 R13 14 15 CB3 CB5 CB3-431 CB5-132T CB3-131 A13-045N2A PA-1450-26 Aspire 5 A515-54 A515-46-R14K Power Cord

Features :

  • 100% Brand New; Product Type :19V 3.42A 65W (Compatible with 19v 2.37a ); Input: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ; Outlet: 3-prong ; Connector Size: 3.0 x 1.1mm Package Includes: 1 X AC Adapter, 1 X Power Cord; CE/FCC/ROHS Certified for Security.
  • Power supply AC Adapter Charger for Acer Chromebook model 11 C720, C720p, C740, CB3, R11 R13 CB5 Series:Acer Chromebook 13 C810, CB5; C810-T7ZT, C810-T9CA; Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431, CB3-431-C5FM, CB3-431-C7EX; Acer Chromebook 15 C910, CB3, CB3-532, CB3-532-C8DF, CB3-532-C47C, CB5; C910-3916, C910-54M1; Acer Chromebook C720-2844 C720-2103, C720-2420, C720-2800,C720P-2625; Acer Chromebook CB3-131 CB3-131-C3SZ, CB5-132T, CB5-132T-C8ZW ,CB5-132T-C1LK
  • 65W AC Charger Replacement for Acer Aspire 5 A515-44 A515-44-R2SA A515-54 A514-54-501Z A515-44-R41B A515-54-51DJ A515-54G A515-54G-5928 A515-55 A515-55G A515-55G-57H8 A515-55-56VK A515-55-378V A515-56 A515-56-36UT; Acer swift spin 1 3 5 series: SF515-51 SF314-54 SF315-52 SF314-55 SP111-31N SP111-32N SP113-31 SP111-33 SP314-51 SP314-52 SP314-53N SP314-53 SP314-54 SP513-51 SP513-52N SP513-53N
  • Fit for Acer Part Numbers: N15Q8 N15Q9 N16P1 N15V2 A13-045N2A PA-1450-26, PA-1650-80, NP.ADT11.00F, NX.SHEAA.001, KP.06503.007, NP.ADT11.00C, KP.06503.005, AK.045AP.060, PA-1650-80AW,A11-065N1A
  • Full Refund within 60 days.Satisfaction guaranteed and backed by 12 months replacement warranty for free and 24 x 7 email support. Please check your laptop model before purchasing, if you can’t make sure,please feel free to contact us!

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying the cb3 431 c7ex

As you already know, research is essential before making any purchase. So, there are some factors you should consider before starting your research. This is important so that you can make your entire buying process as hassle-free as possible.

Remember, your time has as much value as your money. So, there are a few things you should determine which will affect your research as well.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine your course of research on the cb3 431 c7ex:

  • Is this cb3 431 c7ex serving the purpose of purchase? What are your expectations from the product?
  • What functions must the cb3 431 c7ex have? Are there any specific functions that you are seeking in the product?
  • Is there a specific budget, or is the budget flexible?
  • Will the cb3 431 c7ex require maintenance and upkeep costs?
  • Are you looking to buy the cb3 431 c7ex online or offline? What will be the best places to purchase the product?
  • Where will you seek reliable information on the cb3 431 c7ex?

Having multiple options from various brands can get confusing, so ask yourself these questions to narrow down your research.

Once you determine your expectations from the cb3 431 c7ex and your price range, you decide which ones you must research. The research will help you determine the pros and cons. But before that, where will you get the reliable information to conduct your research?

Sources for Research

It’s 2022, and your best sources for information and research can be found online. Google cb3 431 c7ex and you will find the best selling online marketplaces available. Visit any or each of them to learn about the specifications and prices given on your cb3 431 c7ex.

You will be able to find the best deals out of all the options. You can also watch some YouTube videos on the product to see for yourself the functionality of the cb3 431 c7ex.

Advantages of Buying Products from Online Sites

Online sites provide a variety of benefits that make your selection and buying process easier. Here are some of the advantages of buying products from online sites:

Best Prices

Reliable online sites give you the benefit of comparing prices and finding the best deals. Platforms like Amazon.com work with manufacturers directly to provide better deals. And the coupons and occasional discounts add to it.

There are no intermediaries in between to make the buying process easy. And the best part? No trouble of going to the shop.


Renowned online sites like Newegg, Amazon, Walmart have branches all over the country. Their transaction and delivery policies are reliable compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Huge Selection

More Variety – the best part about online shopping platforms. These sites give you access to a vast variety of options to choose from.

Suppose you go to Amazon.com. Search cb3 431 c7ex and up comes options of the product in different prices, brands, and specs. You get to browse these options from the comfort of your home and save time.

You can choose the one that fits your need from your preferred seller. Yes, online platforms even give you the option to choose your seller.


These online sites have numerous customer reviews of the products shown. So, you know which product is authentic and which seller is authorized. And for these facilities provided, they are trustworthy and credible.

Other additional benefits of shopping from online sites would be the facility of easy return and record of the purchase. Online sites are constantly making changes to make shopping easy and hassle-free from the comfort of our homes.

How to Select the cb3 431 c7ex

Making your final decision can pose to be a challenge. But worry not. We have a few suggestions to make your selection process easier.

Before that, we would recommend you opt for sites like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and Best Buy for your purchase.

So the factors you should consider while selecting your cb3 431 c7ex would be:


Hop on to any of these sites and search the options you have shortlisted. Then compare the prices and look for discounts. Don’t forget to factor in shipping charges as well.

Once you get the best favorable deal, you can opt for the cb3 431 c7exto match your need.


Price and brand are somewhat interrelated. Usually, high-end brands charge more. But higher price does not mean a better choice.

So, opt for the brand that meets your need the best.


Factor in the functionality of the product as it is very crucial. Check if the specs meet your need. Consider buying the one that will last in the longer run.

Understand the cb3 431 c7ex specs and functionality to determine its use for you.

Customer Reviews

As we mentioned before, online sites usually have a review section. This section is filled with customer feedbacks and even pictures of the product.

Browsing through these reviews is the smartest thing to do. These reviews allow you to comprehend how the product will work for you. You can even determine the pros and cons of these reviews.

Check the rating on the website to learn if the seller is delivering the cb3 431 c7ex as expected by the other buyers.

Final Words

All these factors will contribute to choosing your best cb3 431 c7ex that meets your expectations. So, use your time efficiently.

And that is all for the ultimate guide to buying the cb3 431 c7ex. We hope you can make your purchase confidently. Happy Shopping!

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