Top 10 Picks Best Cooler Mounting Kits For 2022

Top 10 Picks Best Cooler Mounting Kits For 2022

For the best possible gaming experience, you need the best possible hardware. And the best possible hardware for your PC are thermal pads, which are essential for keeping your hardware from getting hot so you can enjoy the best possible performance. So what’s the best cooler mounting kit for your needs?

We’ve compiled a list of the best mounting kits for retail and custom liquid coolers. Whether you’re looking for mounting kits for All-In-One coolers, AIO liquid coolers, or custom liquid coolers, you’ve come to the right place.

These mounting kits are designed to work with any type of hardware, so you can be sure they’ll work with your system. Our list includes mounting kits that are compatible with retail and custom liquid coolers, so you can be sure to get the best possible mounting kit for your system.

10 Best cooler mounting kits Reviews in 2022

The mounting kits are the most convenient way to install a cooler. You don’t need to buy a new motherboard. You don’t need to buy a new processor or graphics card. All you need is a mounting kit and cooler and you’re all set.

However, because of their convenience, there are many fake mounting kits on the market. In this article, we’ll review the best mounting kit for the best cooling performance.

1. Derale 13001 Plastic Rod Mounting Kit, Silver

Features :

  • Kit contains 4 plastic rods with hardware
  • Complete mounting kit for mounting a cooler or electric fan
  • Package Dimensions: 16.8 ” L x 15.9 ” W x 5.4 ” H
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Additional Info :

Color Silver
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 4
Length 10

The derale 13001 rod mounting kit is not just for catching fish, it’s great for any application that requires a rod to be mounted in a fixed position. Whether you’re mounting a fishing rod in the garage or you’re hanging shelves in your house, this derale rod mount is a great choice. What’s great about this rod mount is that it can be used for both composite and graphite rods.

This means that you can use it for fishing, as well as for any other purposes. The rod mount kit also includes mounting hardware, as well as a template (the template is not provided on Amazon, but you can find it in the user manual).

2. Seachoice Cooler Mounting Kit

Features :

  • Easy to install kit includes four corner brackets and two bungee straps
  • Prevents cooler from sliding on the deck
  • Fits virtually all sizes and makes of coolers
  • Durable construction suitable for years of wear and sun exposure.
  • Corrosion proof and hard to break

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 13.99999998572
Width 2.24803149377
Length 7.49999999235
Weight 0.5
Release Date 2018-10-04T00:00:01Z

If you’re looking for the ultimate in versatility, the Seachoice mounting kit is a great option. This kit comes with a total of eight parts, which allows you to mount the cooler on pretty much any surface you can imagine. The kit includes four mounting clips and four wall anchors, which slot into pre-drilled holes on the back of the chiller. The wall anchors are made of zinc and steel, which are tough and sturdy, but can be replaced if they ever wear out.

For the most part, the mounting clips are made of aluminum, and are the most lightweight parts of the kit. However, they do have steel inserts, which help them stay in place.

3. Attwood 14137-7 Cooler Mounting Kit, 4 Corner Pieces, 2 Quick-Connect Stretch Straps, Corrosion-Resistant

Features :

  • Straps keep the cooler in place
  • Helps prevent boat and cooler damage
  • Quick disconnect strap design and Corrosion proof
  • The mounting kit is made up of 4 plastic base pieces and elastic bungie cords
  • Fastens with #8 screws

Additional Info :

Color Unspecified
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 8
Length 12
Weight 0.36
Release Date 2010-02-22T00:00:01Z

ScrewsFor a sub-70 degree case, you can use the stock screws to mount your cooler. However, if you want to use some more robust hardware, the attwood 14137-7 cooler mounting kit is for you. This mounting kit is designed for the Corsair Carbide 200R, Corsair Carbide 100R, Corsair Carbide 240C, HP Omen, and NZXT Kraken cases. It’s made out of high-quality steel with corrosion-resistant screws.

You can mount your radiator on either the top or bottom of the case using the included corner mounts or the stretch straps. The bottom strap is meant to be used when installing a 240mm radiator on the bottom of the case.

4. JSP White Boat Marine Cooler Mounting Kit for Yeti Igloo Engle Coleman (Set of 4)

Features :

  • Provides a permanent mounting solution for securing coolers, tackle boxes, and other block-shaped items to a boat floorboard or other stable surface.
  • Each kit includes (4) corner pieces with (3) pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting and (2) loops for hook-end tie-down attachment.
  • This set will prevent cooler from moving around on the deck.
  • The corner brackets have interior screw mounting holes to allow a flush mount against surfaces and to take up less deck space.

If you have ever used the Yeti cooler and have been impressed by the quality and features, you should consider using the jsp white boat marine cooler mounting kit for yeti igloo engle coleman (set of 4) for marine applications. Unlike some of the other brands that come with a set of four, this set contains just one bracket. However, it is still a good mounting kit since it comes with a screw that can hold the bracket on the cooler, no matter how thick the cooler is.

This bracket, as well as the screw, is all-metal and is corrosion-resistant.

5. Hayden Automotive 210 Mounting Kit System

Features :

  • Provides quick, effective installation of Hayden products
  • For installation of transmission coolers and electric fans
  • Kit contains nylon mounting rods foam pads and locking buttons
  • Package Dimensions: 22.86 L x 2.54 H x 5.08 W (centimeters)

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.97
Width 3.75
Length 12.25
Weight 0.02

The Hayden automotive mounting kit system is one of the best mounting kits we can recommend. This mounting kit is designed to work with the majority of center consoles and dash kits. The kit contains everything that you’ll need to securely mount the device to your dash – including four dash mounting clips, four bracket mounting clips, six screws and six nuts.

These clips and screws are specifically designed to stay in place. Hayden’s mounting kits are also specifically designed to hold dash mounted devices in place – they’re a lot sturdier than other mounting kits and they’re not as likely to pull out of the dash.

6. Fan Mounting Kit, Mellbree 2-Pack Electric Radiator Fan Mounting Kit Compatible for Electric Cooling Fan and Transmission Cooler

Features :

  • The car radiator fan unit is a part of the car’s cooling system and is controlled by a thermostat switch or the vehicle. The role of the fan is to help blow cooling air into the radiator when the coolant level rises above a certain temperature. Over time, they begin to wear and may be impacted by stones and other contaminants. With these fan mounting repair kits, replacing the fan unit has never been easier.
  • Fan mounting kit compatible for transmission coolers and electric fans.
  • Equipped with protective springs: The set contains 4 protective springs, which can prevent the bottom of the installation from breaking.
  • Fast and effective installation saves you valuable time.
  • Included in the package: 8 X nylon mounting rod, 16 X foam pad, 8 X spring, 8 X fixed buckle.

Additional Info :

CoreThe first product on our list is the Mellbree 2-Pack Electric Radiator Fan Mounting Kit, Compatible for Electric Cooling Fan and Transmission Cooler Core. As you can tell from the name, this is a 2-pack kit. It comes with 2 fan mounting clips. These clips are made of aluminum. They are CNC-machined to ensure that they are of the highest quality. The clips are easy to use and install.

They are rated for up to 6 Newton loads. This means that they can be used on radiator fans, engine fans, transmission cooler cores, and more. The clips are versatile. They can be used on radiator fans, transmission cooler cores, and more.

7. Hayden Automotive 253 Metal Mounting Bracket Kit

Features :

  • For use with 3/4 inch coolers
  • Heavy duty design for severe duty applications
  • Kit includes mounting brackets, tube clamps and bolts
  • Package Dimensions : 8.75″ L x 11.75″ W x 4.75″ H

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 8
Width 10
Length 4
Weight 0.68

If you’re looking for a universal mounting bracket system that will work on a wide range of vehicles, then Hayden automotive is an excellent choice. This mounting bracket kit is a great option for those who are looking to mount electronic devices, sensors, and any other hardware that needs to be fixed to the vehicle. The mounting bracket kit comes with all the hardware you need to mount your devices to your vehicle. The brackets themselves are made from metal and are quite sturdy.

The hardware is made from steel, so it’s durable and won’t rust. You can mount a wide range of electronics to the brackets. Cameras, radar detectors, and even air bags are all compatible with the Hayden automotive brackets.

8. Noctua NM-i17xx-MP83 chromax.Black, Mounting Kit CPU Coolers on Intel’s LGA1700 Platform (Black)

Features :

  • Mounting upgrade kit for Noctua CPU coolers with 83mm mounting pitch (see detailed compatibility information on Noctua website)
  • Enables the installation of compatible Noctua CPU coolers on Intel’s LGA1700 (LGA17xx family) socket for 12th generation Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 processors
  • Tailor-made for LGA1700, dedicated one-piece backplate with fixed struts
  • Outstanding reliability, optimal contact pressure and easy, straightforward installation
  • version with all-black mounting bars and thumb screws, ideal for line heatsinks

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.220462262

All of Noctua’s coolers are renowned for their quality and the new chromax lineup is no exception. With excellent performance and attractive looks, why wouldn’t you want to use this CPU cooler with an compatible socket?

You can even mount it to AMD’s sockets, so it’s a universal product. Now that’s what I call value for money. The mounting kit comes with the cooler, and it’s easy to install.

One thing to note is that it doesn’t come with a mounting plate for LGA775/1366. All in all, this is one of the more expensive coolers on the market but it’s worth the money.

9. Noctua NM-i17xx-MP78, Mounting Kit CPU Coolers on Intel’s LGA1700 Platform

Features :

  • Mounting upgrade kit for Noctua CPU coolers with 78mm mounting pitch (see detailed compatibility information on Noctua website)
  • Enables the installation of compatible Noctua CPU coolers on Intel’s LGA1700 (LGA17xx family) socket for 12th generation Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 processors
  • Tailor-made for LGA1700, dedicated one-piece backplate with fixed struts
  • Outstanding reliability, optimal contact pressure and easy, straightforward installation
  • Cooler can be installed turned by 90° if space and other components permit

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5.98424
Width 4.37007
Length 1.1811
Weight 0.44

Noctua’si17xx-mp78 mounting kit is especially designed for use with Intel’s LGA1700 processors, which are also known as Haswell. The Noctua nh-i717 cpu cooler is designed to provide quiet operation while still providing the best possible cooling performance. The cooler has a compact size and is easy to install. The base is also quite wide, allowing you to fit it into tight spaces.

Noctua’s fan is a premium model that also comes with an anti-vibration mount. The anti-vibration mount is designed to dampen any vibrations that might be caused by the fan to keep noise at a minimum.

10. Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount – 5 in 1 PlayStation 5 Wall Mount Kit with 2 Way Magnetic Charging Cable, Detachable Controller Holder & Headphone Hanger, with Non-Slip Mat, white

Features :

  • 🎮【5 in 1 Sturdy Mount Hard as Rock】 The wall mount is made of concrete iron to withstand up to 10kg of weight. 5 wall screws make sure the mount stay attached to the wall while the bottom screw firmly locks the PS5 console to the mount. Built-in anti-slip mats protect other accessories from sliding
  • 🎮【Detachable & Compatible & Heat Dissipation Design】 Specially designed for PS5, suitable for both Disc and Digital versions. The 2 controller holders and headphone hanger can be freely assembled or detached. Heat dissipation holes at the back and bottom keep your beloved PS5 cool and chill
  • 🎮【Extra 2 way charging cable for Controller】 Comes with 2 way charging cable to charge 2 controllers through the notches on top of the controller mount from the console at the same time. Two hooks at the back of each controller holder are designed to arrange cables neatly
  • 🎮【Space Saving】 Mount the PS5 next to or behind the TV, with all the cables hidden behind the console. Say goodbye to messy cables lying on the ground. Keep the room neat and clean
  • 🎮【Installed with Spirit Level and Manual】 Comes with spirit level and installation manual to help you easily set the mounts up and running. Package includes: Console Wall Mount*1, Controller Mount*2, Headphone Mount*1, 2 Way Magnetic Charging Cable for Controller*1,Manual*1

Additional Info :

Color Snow White

For a wall mount that will keep your Playstation 5 in place and allow you to play games wherever you like, the Hosanwell Ps5 Wall Mount is one of the best picks. This wall mount comes with a 2-way magnetic charging cable that can be used to charge your controller and also the Playstation 5. IR remote controller holder

The 1-way wall mount that comes with this playstation 5 wall mount kit allows you to play games wherever you like.

This 1-way wall mount has a 5 in 1 design which means you get 5 different mounts with this one wall mount kit. This 1-way wall mount allows you to play games on your Playstation 5 with an optical cord, a game controller, or a headset.

All You Need to Know About Buying cooler mounting kits

In this section, we’ll talk about what to look for when choosing a mounting kit for your new cooler. Why Do You Need A Mounting Kit?
A lot of new PC builders just buy a single cooler, without thinking about how it’ll be mounted. This is a big mistake. A quality cooler should be installed in a quality cooler mounting bracket. This will improve the stability and lifespan of your CPU cooler as well as reduce the noise levels produced by your computer. By installing a mounting kit, you’ll also have the option to upgrade your cooler in the future. For example, if you find a better fan cooler down the line, you can just swap in a new mounting kit and install it in seconds. The main downside of installing a mounting kit is the price. In most cases, a mounting kit is much more expensive than the cooler itself. However, there are some cases where the cost is justified, such as the Corsair Air Series mountings. What Type Of Mounting Kit Should I Get?
There are a couple of different types of mounting kit that you can get. The first type is a full mounting kit with nuts, bolts, washers, and so on.

These kits come with everything you need to attach your new cooler to your current CPU mounting bracket. The second type is a “pre-assembled” mounting kit. These kits generally come with all of the hardware you need to install a new cooler. However, the parts are already attached to the mounting bracket and ready to be tightened down. These types of kits are much easier to install, but they’re more expensive than the full kits. Pre-assembled kits are a good option if you’re inexperienced with installing CPU coolers. If you’re not sure what to do, go for a full mounting kit. You’ll avoid any potential hassles and will be able to use your new cooler right away. What Type Of CPU Cooler Should I Get?
An Aio cooler. For the best possible performance, you should always go for a liquid-cooled CPU. The most common type of cooler in this day and age are AIO (all-in-one) coolers.

FAQ Questions and Answers

  • aren’t for that purpose. They’re for mounting the cooler to a case that already has a mounted motherboard. The idea being that the cooler’s mounting bracket(s) allow the cooler to be attached to the case, with the rest of the setup being handled by the case. In this way, you get the best of both worlds: the benefits of a case-mounted cooler, while still having full use of the motherboard’s mounting holes.

    So that’s the thing with case-specific?

    Coolers designed to be mounted to a specific case. I’m sure there are other types of motherboards, but for the sake of this article, we’ll be looking at Intel Z97 and Z170 motherboards. But that’s not the only thing that you need to consider: the motherboard itself.

    As I’ve mentioned, the cooler you choose will depend on the case you have, so it’s important that you choose the correct motherboard for it.


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