Our Best Disk Cutter Jewelry [Top 15 Picks]

Our Best Disk Cutter Jewelry [Top 15 Picks]

Are you feeling as if you’re unable in making an educated choice regarding which is the best disk cutter jewelry you should choose out of the many options? It’s really difficult to decide what you should consider and if it’s worthy of your money, particularly when it’s your the first one you purchase.

This is where our buying and review guide can help you saving you money. To assist you in making the most effective purchase, we’ve put together this list of the disk cutter jewelry as along with buying guides.

Look over them to identify the ones that are reliable and reliable prior to purchasing. If you’re seeking something budget-friendly, or something that’s not included in the package, we’ve got it for you.

Follow This Table For Quickly Selection A disk cutter jewelry

Top 15 Best disk cutter jewelry Reviews for 2022

1. Disc Cutter – Circle – 10 Punches – for Jewelry Making – SFC Tools – 28-589

Features :

  • Round Plate Disc Cutter cuts circles out of sheet metal.
  • Spring Loaded Die Plates: 4-1/4″ x 3/4″ *2 plates combine*
  • Will cut up to 20 gauge metal
  • Punch sizes (mm): 3.2, 6.4, 9.5, 12.7, 15.9, 19, 22.2, 25.4, 28.6, 31.8
  • Punch sizes (inches): 0.13, 0.25, 0.38, 0.5, 0.63, 0.75, 0.88, 1, 1.13, 1.25

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 8
Length 8
Weight 7

2. Circle Disc Cutter Set with 10 Punches 1/8″ to 1-1/4″ Diameter Jewelry Making Round Metal Forming Die Cutting Tools Hole Punch

Features :

  • This professional-quality disc cutter set cuts perfect circles each and every time
  • The holes of the tool have been drilled, reamed, and honed in order to make fine and clean cutters
  • Designed to cut soft metals up to 18 gauge
  • Features 10 punch sizes: 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/8″, and 1-1/4″
  • Punches are constructed from solid, high-density, and durable steel; included base is made of solid rubber for a secure hold

Additional Info :

Color Gold

3. Hawk Importers TJ7514 Disc Cutter Set (14 Piece)

Features :

  • 14 pieces disc cutter set
  • Block size: 4-1/4″ x 2″ x 15/16″
  • All stainless steel disc cutter set

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.5
Width 0.9
Length 2
Weight 2.5

4. SE Disc Cutter Set (6 PC.) – JT-SP305

Features :

  • 5 punches and one cutter block
  • Dimensions (inch): 2-7/8 x 2 7/8 x 1-5/16
  • Cut discs sizes (inch): 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, and 1
  • High carbon steel
  • Allows you to put sheet materials into the horizontal slot and punch out a disc and hole with a hammer

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.4
Width 2
Length 3.4
Weight 0.14

5. Bench Wizard 8 Piece Disc Cutter Set with Handle to Determine Distance Between Plates

Features :

  • Disc Plate 3″x 3″x 1″
  • 8 Disc cutters included 1/8″ to 1″
  • Lever Handle for Easy Movemnet
  • Cuts Non Ferrous Metal Up To 14 Gauge
  • Premium Quality

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 3

6. 196.10A Premium 14 Pcs Round & Square Disc Cutter Set 1/8″ – 1″ Jewelry Making Metal Cutting Forming Pendant Charm Coin Punch Tool

Features :

  • Great Function – This punch set makes perfect round shape in a single punch by firmly holding objects in place without movement. The easy open & close height adjusting knob is low profile, which won’t have negative effect on manipulation when using mallet, hammer or a hydraulic press.
  • 14-Punches Round Disc Cutting Block – Great for 14 different sizes: 3mm, 4.75mm, 6.35mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 11mm, 12.7mm, 14.3mm, 16mm, 17mm, 19mm, 20.6mm, 22mm & 25mm.
  • 14-Holes Square Base – Comes with precise measurement marking: 1/8″, 3/16, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16, 5/8″, 11/16, 3/4″, 13/16, 7/8″ & 1″.
  • Premium Material – Made from high-density and wear resistance steel and ABS, durable and solid enough, repeatedly tested and optimized to ensure its excellent performance and lasting service time.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Bonbo aims to provide best products and services for our customers. If you receive broken or defective kit, please contact us immediately, we will compensate you with 1 year warranty or 30 days full refund.

Additional Info :

Color Clear

7. Pepetools Oval Cabochon Disc Cutter Set 6 Sizes Jewelry Making Metal Forming Pendant Punch Charm Tool Made in The U.S.A.

Features :

  • Includes: Oval Cutter 196.15A; PepeLube 307.50; Red Urethane 6×6 196.PU
  • 6 holes and 6 dies/punches included. Each Die has a 5 degree cutting angle
  • SIzes of the 6 dies (millimeter): 30×22, 25×18, 24×14, 20×15, 20×12, 18×13
  • The Organized storage stand and cutting base with holes are laser engraved with sizes for ease in use.
  • Recommended gauge thickness: Soft Non-Ferrous metal: Silver, Copper, Gold up to 16 gauge; OTHER NON_FERROUS METAL (hard) 18 gauge

8. Disc Cutter – Circle – 5 Punches – SFC Tools – 25-146

Features :

  • Comes with 5 hardened steel punches ranging from 12.7-25.4 mm in width and a square steel disc cutting block.
  • Will cut up to 20 gauge metal.
  • Punch sizes (mm): 12.7, 15.9, 19, 22.2, 25.3
  • Punch sizes (inches): 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 1

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.5
Width 3
Length 3
Weight 3

9. Disc Cutter 14 Round Punches – for Jewelry Making – SFC Tools – 25-154

Features :

  • Cut circles out of sheet metal.
  • Convenient smaller size circle
  • Punches are machined flat and smooth on the cutting end
  • Will cut up to 20 gauge metal
  • 14 punches sized 3, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16 millimeters

Additional Info :

Color Gold
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 2.5
Length 5
Weight 1

10. Disc Cutter – Circle – 10 Punches – Rubber Base – for Jewelry Making – SFC Tools 28-590

Features :

  • Cut circles out of sheet metal.
  • Comes with 10 punches, a round steel disc cutting block, and a rubber base to hold everything.
  • Will cut up to 20 gauge metal
  • Rubber block will ease the cutting process and protect your work surface.
  • Punch sizes (inches): 0.13, 0.25, 0.38, 0.5, 0.63, 0.75, 0.88, 1, 1.13, 1.25

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 7
Width 5
Length 7
Weight 6.9

How to Choose disk cutter jewelry

Now it’s time to take you through our well-researched buying guide that includes the touchstones you need to find your desired disk cutter jewelry.

Quality Durability

If you’re concerned about the quality product, make sure to check its compliances or certifications. Having a product certification (such as UL or CE) ensures that the product manufacturing has maintained good practices and its quality is controlled according to the standards.

A high-quality product also tends to be more durable. And you must choose a durable product as it can save you from the hassles of repairing or replacement. And could prove to be economical in the long run.

Features Benefits

This is the factor you buy a product for. So here, the important part is you need to assess the product features to make sure they really benefit you. Some products come with too many features, but most of them could be demerited.

So why pay for something that won’t really benefit you? Be specific with your requirements and find the most suited product accordingly. If the vendor allows, try to get it tailored according to your needs.

Cost Comparison

The cost comparison is an important factor while you’re buying the best disk cutter jewelry. We often emphasize cost comparison charts as it allows you to compare prices from different vendors. Such a chart can help you make the buying decision carefully and find the best deal on a product.

Since it’s important to balance the cost and other factors like quality, features, and convenience, comparing the costs can help you find the most competitive option.

After Sales Service

After making the initial purchase, you may need the after-sales service for a lot of things. Such as guidance on product usage or fixing an issue. So make sure your product manufacturer or vendor provides a good after-sales service.

If you’re satisfied with the after-sales, you’ll probably be a satisfied & loyal customer who’ll help increase the brand value of the company with positive word of mouth. That’s why you’ll see a company or product receive the most negative reviews when they don’t have a responsive and communicative after-sales service team.

Warranty Policy

Although the warranty is a sign of a credible product, many good products aren’t covered by the warranty policy. But if you’ve got two choices, where one’s covered by warranty, and the other is not, you must go with the one covered by the warranty.

The warranty ensures that a Certified Service undertakes your product repairing or replacement as per terms in the policy. Some vendors even offer a money-back guarantee where you can get a full refund in case the product fails to satisfy you within a given time.

Honest Customer Feedbacks

The traditional reviews aren’t profound enough to give a clear picture of the user experience. They talk extravagantly about the good sides and trivially about the negative sides. If a product is good, you should say it is good. But an honest review should highlight inconveniences, even the smallest ones that come along while using it.

Minor negative points won’t probably hold you back from buying the product, but it’ll prepare you to deal with them. So always check for honest reviews that provide attention to every little detail.


Let’s get some FAQs answered related to the best disk cutter jewelry.

What’s an extended warranty, and is it good?

An extended warranty is a policy that ensures the cost of repair or replacement of a product for a period beyond what’s offered by the vendor. But extended warranties aren’t really worth it since they often come with an additional cost. If you see the disk cutter jewelry manufacturer is offering an extended warranty, it’s better to avoid it. The reason is you’ve to purchase it for terms that your product mightn’t face in its entire service life.

What’s the most important factor to look for in this product?

There are a few of them, but studies suggest people think customer reviews to be the most crucial factor, besides features price, when buying a product. So if you’re looking to buy the disk cutter jewelry check out the customer reviews and ponder upon them before making your decision.

Should I listen to my guts or rely on data, stats, and reviews while buying this product?

Most buyers are impulsive when they’re up for buying something. You might feel tempted to go for a certain option by listening to your guts. But we’d recommend you to rely more on data, stats, and reviews instead of the guts while buying anything like the disk cutter jewelry. This way, you can reevaluate your choices and filter out the better option.

The Bottom Line

We’d like to say that our disk cutter jewelry review and buying guide was designed to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether the product is right for you.

We hope this has helped you and that you’ll continue using our site as your go-to source for product reviews and buying advice. Thanks again for taking the time to read our buyer’s guide.

Finally, we would like to remind you that user reviews are based on personal experiences and opinions, so use them to walk yourself through possible solutions, but do not use them as definitive answers.

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