Our 10 Best Ice Chest Dividers Reviews In 2022

Our 10 Best Ice Chest Dividers Reviews In 2022

For some people, a cooler is a necessity in the summer. After all, who wants to drink warm soda?

If you need a cooler to keep drinks cold, you’ll want to look into the best coolers for groceries. In this guide, we’ll show you what you need to know when buying a cooler. We’ll also show you some of the best coolers for groceries on the market today.

We’ll look at what you need to consider when buying, such as whether you need a wheeled or non-wheeled cooler. We’ll also show you what you should look out for when buying, to help you find the perfect cooler for your needs.

Our Top 10 Best ice chest dividers On The Market

For years, the ice chest has been an essential household appliance for preserving and storing ice packs. Nowadays, many households have a refrigerator, which comes in handy for individual uses. However, if you still have a lot of household use, you can also buy a portable ice chest.

Today, I will review the Best Portable Ice Chest for your needs.

1. Ice Pack Divider for YETI Tundra Haul – Freezable Cooler Divider for YETI Haul Wheeled Ice Chest- Compatible with YETI Cooler Accessories, Wire Cooler Baskets, YETI Accessories, YETI Cooler Locks

Features :

  • THE ICE PACK DIVIDER MADE FOR THE YETI HAUL COOLER WITH WHEELS. Freeze your divider insert overnight before loading it up for the weekend, to keep your ice chest organized and your beverages extra frosty.
  • PERFECT FIT. The ice pack divider accessory is specifically engineered to fit in the grooves of the the Yeti Tundra Haul Wheeled Cooler. Natural swelling of the gel-filled portion may occur after it’s frozen, but the fitment will remain perfect. It will NOT fit inside other sizes or brands.
  • WORKS WITH OUR WIRE COOLER BASKETS. The ice pack divider insert is designed to work with or without our wire cooler baskets made for the Yeti Tundra Haul hard cooler. Baskets and cooler are sold separately.
  • OVER FOUR POUNDS OF FREEZER GEL. Pair the ice pack divider with a couple bags of ice to keep your food and beverages extra chilly. Pro tip: chill your cooler the night before use, either with ice packs or a sacrificial bag of ice. Your stuff will stay cold longer at the campsite.
  • STAY ORGANIZED. Keep kids’ and adults’ drinks separated, or use the divider to organize your catch of the day. The divider is destined to become one of your favorite camping cooler accessories.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 13.5
Width 2
Length 13
Weight 4.85

, and more. If you’re looking for a durable way to protect your yeti tundra wheeled cooler, then the ice pack divider is the best choice. This ice pack divider is made of durable polypropylene, which doesn’t fade or crack easily. So you can use this cooler divider for years to come.

The cooler divider is semi-rigid, which gives it a more flexible feel than rigid dividers. It’ll prevent the cooler from warping and from sagging, which provides better protection for the wheeled cooler. It’s also really easy to use.

2. Cooler Basket for Yeti Tundra Haul – Wire Cooler Rack for Yeti Haul Wheeled Ice Chest – Compatible with Yeti Accessories, Yeti Cooler Locks, Yeti Ice, Yeti Cooler Straps, Cooler Divider Inserts

Features :

  • THE ORIGINAL WIRE BASKET MADE FOR THE YETI HAUL. The Haul rack won’t collect condensation, unlike plastic dry goods trays, so your lunch will stay high and dry before you throw it on the barbecue, RV grill, or camp stove.
  • TIGHT GRID. Designed so that small items won’t slip through the cracks into the ice, the Yeti Haul shelf allows for cold air circulation so that your food stays chilled and dry at the tailgate party, camp kitchen, or duck hunting blind.
  • PERFECT FIT. This dry storage basket is specifically engineered to fit in one half of the Yeti Haul Wheeled Cooler. Two baskets will fit side by side in the Haul, as well. Note: this purchase comes with one (1) cooler basket.
  • TOUGH AS STEEL. The powder coated steel wire is rock solid, and built to take a beating at the campsite. A far cry from brittle plastic trays, this beast won’t crack under the pressure of the backcountry. Destined to become one of your favorite camping accessories.
  • COMPATIBILITY. This basket is engineered ONLY to fit the Yeti Haul cooler with wheels. It will not fit other sizes or brands. The basket is compatible with the Above Sea Level ice pack divider, Yeti Ice, Yeti locks, and other Yeti accessories.

Additional Info :

Color Black Wire Basket
Item Dimensions
Height 3.13
Width 10
Length 13.25

, cooler bags, ice, ice packs, and more. As a part of the best cooler baskets for yeti tundra haul, cooler basket for yeti tundra haul – wire cooler rack for yeti haul wheeled ice chest – compatible with yeti accessories, yeti cooler locks, yeti ice, yeti cooler straps, cooler divider inserts, cooler bags, ice, ice packs, and more is a very convenient tool to keep your accessories organized.

3. COHO 55Qt Rotomold Cooler Divider, Ice Chest Cutting Board

Features :

  • EASY SLIDE: Slides Easily Into the Molded-In Divider Grooves on the Inside of Your Coho 55 Quart Hard Cooler. With Divider & Cutting Board, You Can Separate Food From Drinks or From Your Catch.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE: Fits Perfectly in the Interior Portion of Your Coho 55 Quart Hard Cooler and compartmentalize your Coho 55 Quart Hard Cooler.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our Cooler Divider & Cutting Board Is Made Specifically To ONLY Fit A Coho 55 Quart Hard Cooler. It Will Not Fit Another Other Size Or Other Brand Roto-Molded Hard Coolers.

Additional Info :

Color Divider

This cooler comes with a handy divider to separate your liquids from your solids. As a result, you can keep your beer, soda, or juice on ice without worry of cross-contamination. The top has two cutouts, one for the handle and one for the lid. This design allows you easy access to your drinks, and the lid stays firmly in place, preventing spills.

The lid itself is made of durable plastic and holds in place via four grippy silicone seals. It’s also a rotomold design, which means it’s extremely leak-resistant.

4. CoolerPro – Cooler Dividers Compatible with YETI Tundra, Made in USA

Features :

  • Designed to be compatible with YETI Tundra 65 coolers only. Not compatible with other cooler types or sizes.
  • Fits perfectly into the divider slots with a very small amount of wiggle room. Just slide it in, and the divider will keep your cooler organized.
  • Made in the USA out of very durable marine-grade HDPE. Food safe.
  • Doubles as a cutting board.
  • Cooler is not included with purchase.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.25
Width 10.5
Length 12

If you want your cooler to be as versatile as possible, then consider CoolerPro’s cooler dividers. The company has created a set of dividers that can be used with numerous yeti cooler models. So, if you’re looking to have a versatile but all-in-one cooler, then this might be a great investment. This product comes with a set of 4 rubber-coated stainless steel pieces. The company claims that the rubber coating makes it significant easier to separate and keep the pieces in place.

The coolers also come with a 1. 5-inch thick table top for extra protection. The mounting hardware is included as well.

5. Grizzly IceDivider Ice Pack Cooler Divider, 4 lb

Features :

  • Compatible with Grizzly 40 and KENAI 45 Coolers.
  • Reusable: The freezable gel ice pack divider will keep your cooler cold many times over.
  • Versatile: Extend the longevity of your ice or use as an ice substitute. The IceDivider also works as a divider to separate your contents. Each divider fits directly inside the molded-in divider groove.
  • Durable: Break-resistant design with Ultrasonic welded plug.
  • Safe: IceDividers are filled with non-toxic phase change gel and is BPA Free.

Additional Info :

Color 4 LB
Item Dimensions
Weight 4

The grizzly icedivider is one of the top rated ice pack coolers in the market. It is a 4-lb ice pack that is very durable. It can be used for a variety of purposes. This product is the best for controlling pain and swelling. It is also one of the most versatile ice pack coolers in the market. The pack has a total of eight compartments. The four compartments contain 1.

5lbs of ice, this helps in maintaining the coldness of the pack for a long time. It does not drip even when it is frozen. The company guarantees the quality of this product. It has an impressive dimension of 23 x 13 x 7. 5cm.

6. BEAST Cooler Accessories (Size 35 & 45) Cooler Divider & Cutting Board Yeti Tundra Compatible – Improved Design by BEAST Cooler Accessories That is Compatible with Yeti Tundra 35 & 45 Coolers

Features :

  • COMPATIBILITY: The Beast Cooler Accessories Cutting Board And Divider (Black – One Size) Is A USPTO Patented Improved Design That Works Specifically With The 35 & 45 Yeti Tundra Coolers. This will only fit the Yeti Tundra 35 or 45 coolers specifically. IT WILL NOT FIT ANY OTHER SIZE OF YETI COOLER OR ANY OTHER ROTO COOLER BRAND.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This Is a New and Uniquely Designed Divider and Cutting Board With a Juice Drip Groove. It Keeps Your Juices on the Cutting Board and Will Not Make a Drippy Mess Like the OEMs Version!
  • EASY SLIDE: Slides Easily Into the Molded-In Divider Grooves on the Inside of Your Tundra 35 OR 45 Cooler. With YETI Cooler Divider and Cutting Board, You Can Separate Food From Drinks or From Your Catch
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE/EASY TO USE: Made to Last with Quality Materials! Fits Perfectly in the Interior Portion of Your Yeti Tundra 35 & 45 Coolers. With the BEAST Cooler Divider & Cutting Board Made Specifically for Your Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler, You Can Compartmentalize Your Yeti.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our Cooler Divider & Cutting Board Is Made Specifically To ONLY Fit The Yeti 35 Coolers. IT WILL NOT FIT A YETI TUNDRA 20, 24, 50, 65, 75, 105, 110, 125, 250 or HAUL Cooler. It will not fit any other roto cooler models either.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.25
Width 11
Length 12

. Be the envy of your friends and family with this yeti tundra cooler accessories set. Featuring a cutting board and cool, sturdy divider, this is a must-have accessory for your cooler. The cutting board is perfect for slicing meats and vegetables, while the divider is sturdy and easy to use. This yeti tundra cooler accessories set comes with a one-year warranty, so you can feel comfortable in your purchase.

The manufacturer, beast cooler accessories, is a reliable brand that you can trust. The package also includes a bottle opener to help you keep your drinks flowing. You also get a sturdy, durable cooler bag to hold the cooler.

7. Giantex 55 Quart Portable Ice Cooler, Heavy Duty Ice Chest, Removable Cutting Board Divider, Basket, Cup Holder, Fish Ruler, Bottle Openers, Camping Cooler for Beach Boat Fishing Hunting (55 Quart)

Features :

  • 【55 Quart Portable Ice Cooler】: This 55-quart ice cooler can hold up to 48 cans of cola or 24lbs of ice, offering ample place for your drinks and keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. It is a perfect choice for camping, travelling, home storage and medicine transport.
  • 【Keep Cool】: Premium PE insulation layer features superior insulativity, and the camping cooler keeps cold up to 3 days with 1:1 ice-to-contents ratio (4-5 days when filled with full ice). Plus, the silicone sealing ring and secure latch efficiently avoid heat convection and prolong the cryopreservation time.
  • 【Considerate Details】: The removable divider can be used as a cutting board. 2 bottle openers, 2 bottle holders and fish ruler on the lid for convenient use. Besides, it comes with an additional basket and a cup holder.
  • 【Sturdy Rotomolded Construction】: Solid ice chest with heavy duty construction ensures high strength for long-lasting outdoor use. And the max weight capacity of the cooler top is 220 lbs, thus it can serve as a stool or table. Besides, 4 non-slip foot pads increase overall stability.
  • 【Easy to Carry and Clean】: 2 side handles of the ice cooler for effortless transportation, which is ideal for barbecue, camping, picnic, etc. The bottom drain plug allows you to release the melted ice water easily without moving the cooler.

The giantex 55 quart portable ice chest is a top seller because of its fantastic combination of useful features. First of all, it has a very large 55 quart capacity, which is more than enough to store all your fishing gear. The removable cutting board divider makes it easier to access the main storage section. The giantex 55 quart portable ice chest has a very sturdy lid that is not prone to leaks.

It also has 2 cup holders and 2 side mesh pockets to store your accessories. What I really like about this product is that it has a removable cutting board that makes it easier to access the main storage area. This is a very helpful feature if you want to quickly check the ice to see if it is still full.

8. KONG COOLERS | 25 QT Food and Drink Divider | Food Safe | BPA-Free | 3/8″ Thick (White)

Features :

  • FOOD SAFE – Whether you’re slicing up a lime for a cold one, or preparing a meat and cheese platter, rest assured that our divider is 100% food safe.
  • BPA FREE – No bisphenol A (BPA) here. KONG Coolers believes in manufacturing safe to use products, and take a strong stance against using BPA in our food safe dividers
  • DUAL USE – The KONG divider serves as an in cooler divider as well as a shelf on the side of your 25 quart KONG. Pair the divider with the KONG Kicker to create a side table or use it as a cutting board (KONG kicker sold separately)
  • STANDARD WITH ALL COOLERS – 1 KONG divider is included with ALL KONG coolers
  • CLEAN & ORGANIZED – Keep your packing clean and organized. Our dividers are meant to keep your food & beverage organized and separate from one another. This means no more soggy sandwich wrappers, or wet food.

Additional Info :

The Kong Coolers are the most popular brands for dog or pet owners for a reason – they produce some of the best, safest and most durable products for your pet. The Kong 25qt dog cooler is a perfect choice for both food and drinks. It has a 3/8” thick walls, which makes it sturdy and tough, and it comes with a food and drink divider.

The Kong Coolers come with a spill-proof spout that makes it easy to dispense your pet’s food and water. The spout has sturdy construction and a leak-proof gasket, which ensures that no water or liquid will leak through.

9. Seavilis Heavy Duty Ice Chest Cooler 45qt (Gray)(Including $46.0 Free Accessories) Hanging Wire Basket ,Divider and Cup Holder are Free

Features :

  • Useful Accessories:Including FREE USEFUL basket, Cup holder and divider.45QT Outer size:27*16.2*16.2inch Inner size:21.5*11*12.1 inch
  • Technique And Material: Indestructible Rotomolded Thermoplastic Construction with commercial grade insulation provides a longer ice retention time.We use certified material.
  • More Nice Features:Built-in Bottle openers,Freezer Style gasket,Military-grade nylon handles,Molded Tie-Down Slots,TPE T-Latch,No-Leak Drain Plug etc.
  • Easy Cam Latch: Cam Latch system makes it very easy to close and open. But still tighten sealed.
  • TIPs:Always use high density ice for better performance. Ice from ice maker is low density.Prechill before use.

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 16.2
Width 16.2
Length 27

Among the most popular options. What’s unique about this product compared with others?

The product does not only have a large capacity, and it also features a hanging wire basket for easy access to snacks. What are the downsides of this product?

The only downside of this cooler is that it does not come with a bottle opener. However, you can use one of the many bottle openers that are available to you.

What do other customers think?

Customers who have bought this product have praised it for its durability and the great amount of space it has. They also like that it is very spacious and easy to keep clean.

10. Phone Skope Ice-Olate The Cooler Tray Adjustable Food Shelf Divider Ice Chest Insert – Universal fit – FDA Food Grade Plastic (Teal)

Features :

  • Eliminates soggy food mess – Keeps your food safe and elevated above the water
  • Adjustable – Universal sizing: Fits most rectangle cooler brands sizes 40 qt to 110 qt
  • Holds 80+ lbs. of food / beverage / ice – Allows 15 to 20 lbs. of ice melt below tray
  • FDA compliant Polypropylene & BPA Free
  • Ice will last longer – Moisture Resistant – Optimal Splash back protection

Additional Info :

Color Teal

The skope iceday food storage chest is a universal fit, meaning it will fit most standard sized chest and drawers. It’s made from food grade plastic, meaning it won’t leach chemicals into your food and won’t be stained by acidic foods. As an added bonus, the tray is removable, so you can use it as a regular chest if you prefer. This chest has 3 adjustable shelves with a total of 9 spaces to store food and drink.

The middle shelf is the largest, so if you want to store canned goods, you’ll have to remove the other 2 shelves. The tray is made from teal plastic, and is the same material as the chest.

ice chest dividers You Should Consider

Ice chest dividers are a simple and inexpensive way to keep things organized when you are traveling. They allow you to separate small items in one compartment, while organizing larger items in the other compartment. They are a great way to keep your gear organized when you are camping or on vacation, and are also handy for organizing items at home. They are easy to set up and take down, and are a great way to save space in your vehicle or at your campsite or home. Features to consider when choosing ice chest dividers
A number of features determine the effectiveness of ice chest dividers. These features include the number of compartments, the material used to make them, the way they are designed, and the ease with which they can be opened and closed. Number of compartments
Most ice chest dividers come with one or more compartments. These dividers have one central compartment, while the other has space for smaller items. These include the Macpac 30-Slot Ice Chest Dividers, which has room for six smaller compartments, and the Macpac 12-Slot Ice Chest Dividers, which has room for four smaller compartments. There are also dividers that have more compartments, such as the Macpac 60-Slot Ice Chest Dividers, which has room for 12 smaller compartments.

This is a versatile and well-designed compartment that is great for camping, while also being handy at home. Material used to make the dividers
The material used to make the dividers has a significant impact on how well they work and how much space they take up in your vehicle or at your campsite. The best dividers are made of durable and lightweight materials, such as nylon, plastic, and metal. These materials can withstand the outdoor conditions and the weight of the gear you are separating, without bending or breaking. Some of the best dividers are made of plastic, and are easy to open and close. The Macpac Ice Chest Dividers, for example, are made of plastic, making them easy to open and close, and durable enough for the rigors of camping and traveling. Design of the dividers
These dividers come in a number of different designs, and are designed to fit a variety of compartments in ice chests. Some are designed to be installed in the ice chest while others are designed to be put in place on their own.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

  • .
    The Ice Chest Dividers are the best choice for the golf bag because of their versatility, large size, and portability. These dividers can be folded and placed inside the golf bag and they will not take up a lot of room. They are also very easy to install, and they are quite sturdy and durable.

    How to Install Golf Bag Ice Chest Dividers
    Step 1: Turn off the power to your golf bag. Step 2: Remove the golf bag’s?

    Racks. Step 3: Unzip the golf bag. Step 4: Peel off the protective film. Step 5: Install the golf bag divider. Step 6: Fold the divider into quarters.

    Step 7: Place the divider in the bottom of the golf bag. Step 8: Put the golf bag’sracks back on. 1.


The buyer’s guide below will help you find the right Ice Chest Divider for your needs. When picking an Ice Chest Divider, consider these important questions:

What is my need?

Will I be traveling with my Ice Chest Divider?

What size Ice Chest Divider do I need?

Which Ice Chest Divider features are most important to me?

After answering these questions, find the best Ice Chest Divider for your needs and compare the options in the list accordingly.

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