Top 10 Best Petzl Bolsa Rope Bags Reviews In 2022

Top 10 Best Petzl Bolsa Rope Bags Reviews In 2022

The Petzl BOLSA rope bags are a great idea. They’re made of durable materials and designed to be used as backpacks. They are designed to carry up to 4 pieces of climbing rope. They are large enough to fit a variety of items. They are available in a variety of colors and prints and they’re even machine washable. Sounds awesome, right?

But then, we discovered a few things about this product. Some people reported that the zippers broke easily.

Others found the straps too short. There were some people who gave it a negative review because it wasn’t made for rope. And other people claimed that the bag was too big for a few climbing chalk bags. So, we thought we’d try them out for a few weeks. Now, we’re going to tell you all about the pros and cons of the Petzl BOLSA rope bags.

10 Best petzl bolsa rope bags Reviews in 2022

We all love fresh water and would do anything to fetch it. Unfortunately, the water is not always that close to us and so we need to find other ways to get a drink. One of the ways to do so is by bringing a water bottle.

But sometimes, we don’t have enough bottles on you. This is when we turn to the petzl bolsa rope bags.

1. Petzl – Bucket, Fabric Pack, Remains Upright, 35 Liters

Features :

  • VISIBILITY: Transparent external window for displaying an equipment identification card.
  • COMFORT IS KEY: Two large, comfortable carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps, so it can be carried on the back.
  • LONG LASTING: Coated fabric bottom for durability in difficult environments and for longevity of the bag.
  • MATERIAL: Made from waterproof fabric, polyurethane and polyester.
  • SIZES: Available in two versions: 25 and 35 liters.

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 3.149606296
Width 9.055118101
Length 15.74803148
Weight 1.4991433816

The first product on my list is the petzl – bucket, fabric pack, which is a 35-liter pack that is made out of lightweight and durable fabric. This makes it easier to pack your gear rather than metal and hard plastic buckets. The fabric material also provides for a comfortable grip, which is useful if you’re wearing gloves when carrying the bucket. The lid comes with a carrying strap, and the material of the bucket is made out of polypropylene.

As a result, this bucket is very durable. The only downside to this bucket is it’s price.

2. Petzl S47Y L TOOLBAG Tool Pouch, Large

Features :

  • Allows tools to be organized during suspended work
  • Cord lock allows the pouch to be closed easily during transport or when moving about
  • Attaches easily to any type of harness

Additional Info :

Color Multi-coloured
Item Dimensions
Height 1.3779527545
Width 10.629921249
Length 10.629921249
Weight 0.3747858454

The Petzl S47Y is a toolbag that is best for mountaineers and hikers. It has a very large capacity and is made of a robust Cordura material. This material is very durable and ensures that your gear is secure and protected. The material is also easy to clean and maintain. The material is also very strong and helps in preventing sharp objects from puncturing the bag. The material used in production of this bag is also very abrasion resistant.

This ensures that the bag remains intact even when it comes in contact with rough surfaces. The shoulder strap of this bag has also received a lot of praise. The straps are made of strong, durable materials. The material is also very comfortable when in use.

3. ArborMAX Rope Bag

Features :


Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 15.36

The arbormax rope bag is a really versatile product that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to store multiple types of sports equipment ranging from soccer balls to ski poles. It’s also a great option for beach volleyball players who want to store their gear in one convenient place. The arbormax rope bag comes with three ropes, so you can store pretty much whatever you like.

The ropes are made from polypropylene, a durable material that won’t rot or mildew. This material is also resistant to UV rays, meaning that the ropes will last you a very long time.

4. Petzl S02Y 250 JET Throw-Bag, 250 g, Yellow

Features :

  • Throw bag has rugged, two-layer construction for long life
  • Streamlined shape facilitates passage through tree branches
  • Different coloured stitching on the webbing differentiates bag weights
  • Secondary connection point for quick attachment of the rope
  • Yellow for excellent visibility

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 1.181102361
Width 1.181102361
Length 3.7401574765
Weight 0.26

The first one on our list is the S02Y 250. It’s a great all-round option that’s suitable for beginners through to advanced climbers. The material is high-quality nylon. It’s very tough and durable, meaning this bag will last for years and years of regular use.

It’s also quite compact, making it perfect for those looking to do short climbs and climbs with limited space. The fabric is also water-resistant, meaning you can use this bag pretty much anywhere. The S02Y 250 will keep your gear dry while you’re practicing on the bouldering wall or doing a short climb in the local park.

5. Kutir Throw Weight and Line Kit with Storage Bag 11 OZ 600D Pouch, 150 Foot Polyethylene Easter Rope for Arborists, Suitable for Tree Climbing, High Limb Throwing

Features :

  • ✔ COMPLETE KIT – KUTIR Throw Weight kit is a complete kit. It comes with Throw Weight 11oz, 150 Foot 3MM Nylone Rope and 600-denier coated polyester Storage Bag. The throw weight made of strong 600D and METAL STEEL BALLS inside weighting 11oz. Storage Bag can hold the full set with 150 Feet Lines. Storage Bag size is 4″ in diameter x 6” high. Green Color Weight Bag for excellent visibility.
  • ✔ NO LADDER NO ROCK – You don’t need to climb a tree to setup a tree swing, cut a branch or tie a rope. You don’t need a ladder now to climb a tree or rocks to throw your line on a particular branch. This Throw Wight and Line kit will make your life much easier than you had every thought.
  • ✔ NO NEED TO HIRE TREE COMPANY – Now you can do your own job with this complete throwing weight set. You don’t have to hire any Tree company to cut your high limbs or setup a swing. This is a Multi Use Kit for Arborists. KUTIR throw weights are the perfect accessory for arborists. Ropes, wires, and hoses easily attach to the D ring, creating no limit for the high and distant locations demanded on the job.
  • ✔ LONG LASTING KIT – Each and every items of this kit is made with extra care. Fabric is 600D for Weight Bag and Storage Bag. Line is made of high quality 3MM Nylone. Designed to increase the range of a throw and designed to easily move through branches to set your line, these heavy-duty throw weights were built to last. It does requires some practice and you will get better at throwing.

Additional Info :

Color Black,Red

, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and golf games, making your time and efforts more efficient. The kutir 600d easter rope features a strong PVC core and an outer sheath of 600D polyethylene rope. This rope is excellent for heavy duty activities and is weather resistant. The belt-loop design makes it easy to carry, store and bring on the field.

The strong belt loop keeps the line safely secured as you play your games. The kutir 600d easter rope is also a perfect pick for arborists and landscapers. This rope is useful for reaching higher and longer branches.

6. KAB – Petzl Integrated Canvas Rope Bag

Features :

  • the KAB rope bag was developed for escalad, with an urban aesthetic. It has two distinct compartments that allow the user to simultaneously carry the climbing equipment with other everyday items.
  • Secure padded laptop compartment
  • The main feature is expandable with a zipper; zipper reinforcement allows you to easily transform the volume from 20 to 26 liters, accommodating a rope of 60 meters
  • Detachable rope canvas provides a triangular shaped protection area (140 x 140 x 50 cm)

Additional Info :

Color Grey
Item Dimensions
Height 3.93700787
Width 11.81102361
Length 11.81102361
Weight 1

If you’ve read our best petzl rope bags review, you know how important it is to choose something that’s durable. The integrated canvas strap here is really strong, meaning it can carry a lot of weight without breaking. If you’re looking for a rope bag that won’t get in your way when you play, this is a nice choice.

It’s not huge, so it doesn’t take up much space. Instead, it’s long and slender enough to store your rope in a way that’s comfortable for you to use.

7. Petzl Portage Caving Bag 35L/2150ci S43Y030

Features :

  • Durable medium-capacity bag

Additional Info :

Color Yellow/Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.181102361
Width 11.417322823
Length 16.929133841
Weight 1.10231131

What’s better than one bag? How about two! Petzl have made two sizes of their Portage Caving Bags, the 35l and 2150ci. The large 35l version is ideal for cavers who want to carry a few essentials along with them. It’s also good for people who like to be able to use their gear for as long as possible. If you’re only going to use the 35l for a short time, it’s probably the better choice.

However, if you need a 35l bag for months, it’s worth getting one of the larger sizes. The 2150ci is more versatile.

8. Petzl TARP Bag – Large Rope Tarp for Gym and Rock Climbing – Black

Features :

  • EXTEND ROPE LIFE: Dirty ropes are hard to handle. They tear up your gear. Keep your rope clean and supple with a TARP.
  • MORE SURFACE AREA: The 140cm x 140cm 55 x 55 in area of the TARP makes it great for keeping your rope free of dirt and dust. Accomodates all sizes of rope (70m+).
  • INTUITIVE DESIGN: four handles for easier transport. Color-coded for easy rope end identification. Orange borders provide quick visual identification. Quick stowing, without the need to coil the rope.
  • DURABLE and VERSATILE: Abrasion-resistant coated canvas. Can be placed higher up to provides protection from the sun or rain.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 12
Width 6
Length 7
Weight 0.661386786

The Petzl Rope Gym Bag is a great rope bag for gym and rock climbing. Built with a solid material, it’s a durable rope bag and has a rope pass-through, where you can attach your rope to the bag if you need to. The bag itself is quite large, so it’s ideal for storing your ground ropes and other gear. The material is a synthetic coated polyester, meaning it’s strong and durable.

The pockets are also padded to keep your gear nice and secure. One of the best features of this rope bag is the large main pocket.

9. Petzl KLIFF Rope Bag – 36-Liter Rope Bag for Sport Climbing With Removable Tarp – Grey

Features :

  • YOUR CRAGGING WORKHORSE: With a built-in rope tarp, 36 liters of storage, and a simple, easy-to-access closure system; the KLIFF will quickly become your go-to for days out on rock.
  • MAXIMUM STORAGE WITHOUT THE BULK: 36-liter volume. Stows up to 100 m of rope, as well as all other climbing gear (such as harness, quickdraws, and shoes). Two internal handles make it easy to store the rope. Zippered pocket provides quick access to topo map, phone, keys, and other items.
  • COMFORTABLE CARRY: Adjustable foam shoulder straps. Sternum strap keeps the shoulder straps in place.
  • REMOVABLE TARP: Detachable protective tarp provides a 140 x 140 cm 55 x 55 in clean area for ropes.

Additional Info :

Color Grey
Item Dimensions
Height 12.598425184
Width 3.93700787
Length 8.267716527
Weight 1.00089866948

Kliff is a premium rope bag manufacturer and one of the best brands when it comes to ropes. The Kliff Rope Bag is the best option for sport climbers who want to use a rope bag while still having some space for their harness, shoes and other climbing gear. The rope bag has a large main compartment with a removable tarp that is good for rain protection, keeping the rope in a dry place but also making this rope bag suitable for use on longer trips on the mountain as well.

On the front of the bag there is a shoulder strap for extra comfort when carrying the bag. Another great thing about the Kliff Rope Bag is the price.

10. Metolius Speedster Bag Storm One Size

Features :

  • An innovative, two-strap, pack-style rope bag with center zipper for easy access to rope and climbing gear
  • Big enough for 70 m cords with heaps of room for shoes, harness, draws, chalk bag
  • Massive easy-load tarp 52 x 58″ / 132 x 147 cm
  • Small zippered pocket for wallet, keys etc

Additional Info :

Color Storm
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 15
Length 21
Weight 3.08

The metolius speedster bag is the ultimate in versatility. It is one of the best climbing bags you can get your hands on. It is designed for sport climbers and boulderers. The bag is made of polyester, which is super durable and easy to clean. It has a simple design with three zipped compartments, a front pocket, and a mesh organizer. The mesh organizer features a mesh pocket and two mesh sections.

The mesh pocket is perfect for protecting your hands from the sun. The mesh sections are perfect for organizing your rope and accessories. The quality of the material used in the speedster bag is outstanding. It is super durable and easy to clean.

Best petzl bolsa rope bags You Are Looking For

Description Petzl rope bags as a set, this set consists of three products. The first is the Petzl Bounce, the second is the Petzl Bounce Pro and the third is the Petzl Bounce Mini. Each of these bags is designed with specific features and functions that will help you carry gear more easily and more effectively. Petzl Bounce
The first product in this set is the Petzl Bounce. This bag has a recommended weight capacity of 6 kg and is designed specifically for carrying gear that you need to move around on the ground. The reason for this is that the rope running through the middle of this bag will give you a bit of a hand when it comes to lifting heavy objects. One of the other helpful features on this bag is the rubberized base, which will help to prevent it from slipping and sliding when you walk. It’s also worth noting that this bag won’t slip or slide when you’re carrying gear on the rope, which is another bonus. Petzl Bounce Mini
The next product in this set is the Petzl Bounce Mini. This is a smaller version of the original bag, which is designed for carrying gear that is not as heavy. The base on this bag is made of a softer plastic with a rubberized bottom, which will also help to prevent it from slipping.

The recommended weight capacity on this bag is 3 kg, which is also fairly small. However, if you want to carry gear that’s a bit heavier, then the original bag is probably a better option. Petzl Bounce Pro
The last product in this set is the Petzl Bounce Pro. This is the most versatile bag in the set and is designed specifically for climbers. The recommended weight capacity on this bag is 5 kg, which is a little bit more than the other bags. This bag has a unique rope system, which is made up of a 9. 5 mm Dyneema core and a Polyamide sheath. The core is quite small and is covered by a layer of Dyneema, which is a very tough material. This is then covered by a Polyamide layer, which is also quite tough but much tougher than the Polyamide on the Bounce Mini. The Dyneema is covered with a layer of Polyamide and then a layer of the softest foam, which is there to protect the rope from damage.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

  • The Petzl Bolsa Rope Bag is an excellent choice for those who want a rope bag that is small, compact and light.

    Here are some of the features of the Petzl Bolsa Rope Bag:

    Made of waterproof and ripstop nylon.
    The rope organizer has two compartments.
    The rope bin has a side pocket to keep small items.
    Petzl Bolsa is large enough to hold ropes up to 10mm.

    Petzl Bolsa has a carabiner to attach it to your belt or backpack. Check out the product details below to find out more about the Petzl Bolsa. Product Features: Made of waterproof and ripstop nylon. The rope organizer has two compartments.

    The rope bin has a side pocket to keep small items. Petzl Bolsa is large enough to hold ropes up to 10mm.


When it comes to picking the right rope bag for your needs, don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned aspects. Depending on the situation, you can make a better decision. If you’re a beginner, the easy-to-carry rope bag with a shoulder strap is probably a better choice. And if you’re an experienced climber, I think the climbing rope bag with a chest harness is the best option for you.

It’s more convenient for you to carry, and it’s more comfortable for you to use. Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, hopefully, you can make a more informed decision.

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