Most Powerful Best Portable Pocket Chainsaws For 2022

Most Powerful Best Portable Pocket Chainsaws For 2022

Are you looking for a portable pocket chainsaw? You’ve come to the right place!

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll review 8 of the best portable pocket chainsaws available in 2022. We’ll also outline some key things to consider when buying, to help you make the best possible buying decision. Let’s get started by looking at the three best compact pocket chainsaws available in 2022!


What are portable pocket chainsaws?

A portable pocket chainsaw is a smaller, hand-held version of a regular chainsaw that is designed for smaller jobs around the home. They are ideal for a wide range of uses, from cutting fallen branches to trimming shrubs and trees.

They typically have a smaller engine and less power than those found in standard-sized saws. This, combined with a smaller blade, helps to make them more compact and portable.

Best portable pocket chainsaws : Top 10 Picks For 2022

A handheld chainsaw can be a very effective tool for cutting wood, but it’s quite a bit slower and difficult to use than a regular chainsaw. If you are working on a construction site, a handheld chainsaw will be very useful, but if you are just needing a bit of maintenance on the home front, a portable chainsaw can be very useful.

Portable chainsaws are lightweight and their small size means they can be taken along with you on all adventures.

1. Pocket Chainsaw With Handles Survival Saw – Pocket Saw Folding Hand Saw Chain Portable Hand Saw Rope Saw for Trees with Bag Bi-Directional Cutting Teeth Camping Saw Folding Wood Saw Hunting Saws

Features :

  • High-Quality Foldable Saw: This 25-inch survival hand saw excluding the handle is made of high-strength super heat-treated carbon steel with super-strong and durable nylon belt. This portable chain saws for trees with rope is perfect for anyone cutting hard wood.
  • Lightweight Rope Chainsaw: The sportsman pocket chain saw has a folding design and can be placed in a pocket, folding saw for backpacking, saw is lightweight and have compact size. This emergency survival kit chainsaw wire makes easy to pack and carry with in nylon bag
  • Easy Use of Portable Saw: The emergency rope chain saw have two-way tooth so this survival folding hand saws for trees can cut very quickly. The blade reaches the three sides of the limb at a time. This handsaw for wood cutting is better than cutting cables
  • Comfortable Handles Hand Chain Saw: The handle of portable cut off saw is made of soft nylon, which is more comfortable to hold and will not cut your hands or cause blisters. Orange color makes it easy to find your manual chainsaw even in the dark.
  • Portable Survival Saws: This 5-ounce lightweight pocket camping chainsaw is stronger and more compact than a cable saw. When traveling in an RV, use a outdoor survival chainsaw chain throw it into your backpacking saw so you can always be prepared for an emergency in the forest.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.393700787
Width 1.181102361
Length 1.181102361
Weight 0.3125

With a carrying capacity of nearly 2 pounds, this saw is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The saw is lightweight, which makes it ideal for using when you want to be mobile. The saw also comes with a strap, which makes it easy to carry. You can also keep it in your pocket or attach the strap to your backpack or belt. In addition, the saw is foldable, which makes it easier to carry.

You can use the saw in both the left and right hands. This is possible because of the bi-directional cutting teeth. When you need to cut in a particular direction, you can use the saw in the opposite hand.

2. Roadfare Pocket Chainsaw – 36 Inch Hand Saw With 48 Bi-Directional Teeth – Camping and Survival Chain Saw For Fast Easy Cutting

Features :

  • Rips through thick tree limbs like butter: this 48 teeth pocket chainsaw is 36 inches long with sharp teeth on every link, so that means the saw cuts 3 x faster than saws with teeth on every third link, and even thick tree limbs are no match for this compact but mighty hand chainsaw.
  • Bi-directional teeth reduce binding: this portable, manual chainsaw is like having Paul Bunyan in your pocket. The 48 saw teeth are made from strong heat-treated steel and cut both ways into the wood with less binding or sticking for fast and easy non-slip cutting. The teeth stay sharp easily with a ⅜ P Chainsaw file.
  • 36 inch chain rope cuts overhead branches easily: this rope chainsaw is 36 inches, making it easy to swing over high branches for cutting or pruning and fit into tight grooves where chainsaws can’t. The extra length creates a safe distance and easier cutting for one or two people.
  • Comfortable handles: the handles are soft nylon which is more comfortable to grab onto than paracord and won’t cut into your hands or cause blisters. The orange color makes it easy to find your manual pocket saw – even in the dark.
  • Ultimate camping and survival tool: this 5.96 ounces lightweight pocket chainsaw is stronger, and more compact than a wire or cable saw and includes a high-quality pouch that attaches to your belt for convenience. Use your ropesaw when traveling in your RV or toss it into your backpack so that you’re always prepared for an emergency in the woods.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.5
Width 4
Length 4
Weight 0.355625

If you are looking for the most durable but also the most lightweight pocket chainsaw then the RoadFare 36-Inch Pocket Chainsaw is the most suitable for you. Even though it’s a rather lightweight chainsaw, it’s strong enough to cut through wood, metal, plastic, and even rope. The chainsaw’s chain is made of high-quality carbon steel for extra strength and durability. The chain is also hardened to prevent it from rusting.

To make the chain extra strong, the carbon steel chain is welded at intervals of every 5 inches. The anti-slip grip provides a good hold and a steady aim of the chainsaw.

3. Nordic Pocket Saw Pocket Chainsaw – 25.6″ Hand Chainsaw With Nylon Case – Survival Saw Camping Saw Manual Chainsaw – 33 Bi-Directional Teeth ORIGINAL Vers. – Hand Chain Saw Bushcraft Saw Camp Saw

Features :

  • LIGHTWEIGHT, HIGH PACKABILITY AND RAW POWER – That is what signifies this hand chain saw and makes it an essential companion for your outdoor adventures. This ultralight emergency saw chain can be used to cut firewood when being out camping or hiking. Bring one in your back pack when going mountain biking, store one in the glove box or next to your car´s spare tire, you never know when you will come across a fallen tree over the path.
  • DOUBLE CUTTING TEETH ON EVERY MAJOR LINK – This provide an effective and effortless cutting in both directions. All our manual chainsaw products are made with cutting teeth on every element of the chain. It is quite easy when you think about it – more teeth makes faster and efficient cutting. This hand powered chainsaw is easy to pack in your backpack or attach on your belt. It is a perfect component in your prepping kit, SUV or for activities in the outdoors.
  • THE CHAIN IS MADE OF HEAT TREATED HIGH CARBON STEEL – Which is ideal for blades and specially developed for resilience under harsh conditions. The heavy duty nylon handles are extremely durable and gives a comfortable and safe grip even when wet. This little piece can cut logs up to 15 inches even though it weighs a lot less and takes lot less space than other camping saws available.
  • WORLD´S MOST AWARDED HAND POWERED CHAIN SAW – The Nordic Pocket Saw have been awarded with a gold medal in the following “Best Outdoor Product Competitions”; No.1 National Geographic Gift Guide 2016, Outdoor Industry Award 2018, Scandinavian Outdoor Awards 2018, Ich Liebe Berge Award 2018.
  • THE ONLY LABORATORY STRENGTH TESTED HAND CHAINSAW – A study from Karlstad University (Sweden) show that this manual chain saw made of extra strong nylon can withstand a force 20 times stronger than a human can achieve. The strength was scientifically proven with several pulling tests.

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 1.1811
Width 11.22045
Length 14.37005
Weight 0.29

At number one, we have the Nordic pocket saw pocket chainsaw 25. 6’’ hand chainsaw with nylon case survival saw camping saw manual chainsaw 33 bi-directional teeth original Vers. This chain saw is the best on the market right now. The reason why we have it at the top is that it is a sturdy and durable saw. The quality of the materials used to make it is top notch. The manufacturer has put a lot of time and effort in making this chainsaw a quality product.

It is made of high quality steel. The chain is made of 440 stainless steel. This chain is rust resistant. The teeth are bi-directional. This means that the chain saw will cut well in any direction.

4. SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear -36 Inch Long Chain & Free Fire Starter Kit -Compact Hand Saw for Trees -Folding Hand Saw Tool for Camping, Hunting Emergency Kit -Backpacking Gadget Camp Saw

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5
Width 0.5
Length 36
Weight 0.525

-1. 5 inches long and 6 inches long, respectivelyIf you need to carry only a very light and compact chainsaw, but still want to have a reliable one, the Sumpri Pocket Chainsaw is the right one for you. The chain provides a long reach of 36 inches, so you don’t have to worry about its length. Aside from that, the saw has its own firesteel, making it very handy in an emergency.

The steel can be used to start fires on any kind of surface. The saw also has a lanyard, which makes it easy to carry. It comes with a belt loop, so you can choose your favorite style for the pocket chainsaw.

5. Pocket Chainsaw with Paracord Handle 36 Inches 16 Teeth Long Chain Hand Saw Fast Wood & Tree Cutting Emergency Survival Gear Best for Camping Backpacking Hiking Hunting.

Features :

  • ✔ PORTABLE CHAIN SAW WITH MULTIPURPOSE PARACORD HANDLE: The camp saw extremely light weight, versatile and flexible. 36 inches chain can be folded within 6 inches and total weight only 0.44bls, you take it just as convenient as taking a cell phone! More exciting is its cool paracod handle, it can be untied and extended to maximum 275 inches to reach high branches or other emergency satuations. Perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, simple yard work and whenever you need to cut down wood.
  • ✔ FASTER CUTTING SPEED & SAVING MUCH EFFORT: With eleven sharp cutting saw blades, the portable survival saw can cut through wood from small branches to large tree trunks in seconds and cuts over-head branches with ease, the flexible chainsaw links create steady yet flexible bi-directional motion, which saves a large amount of time and effort.
  • ✔ MOST DURABLE & TOUGHEST WILD SURVIVAL GEAR: Made of industrial-grade heat treated steel chain for long lasting durability, with super strong paracord handles and self cleaning style cutting teeth. You never worry about hindering you for the reason of low cutting efficiency.Comes with a convenient and compact belt loop pouch to store hand chain saw. It’s great to put into your pockets, bags or hang on the belts. Definitely be helpful to your bushcraft needs.
  • ✔ THE PERFECT GIFT WITH A MULPITLE USES: The universal hand saw ideal for many different wild situations, plus high quality material, portable pocket size and cool appearance. What a best choice as a cool gift for campers, hunters, hikers, backpackers and any outdoorsman!

Additional Info :

Color 36 inches
Item Dimensions
Height 0.16
Width 0.39
Length 43
Weight 0.35

Made with top quality and heavy-duty material and approved by customers as the best pocket chainsaw, this model of 36 inches paracord chainsaw has a strong and durable body and a high-quality chain. This is a heavy-duty chainsaw that has a 16 teeth chain, which is very long and can cut through almost any wood. It also has a strong frame, thick handle, and a rubber grip to provide a better grip and comfort.

What we like about it: This is a very versatile chainsaw that can be used for any kind of cutting, whether it’s for cutting wood, cutting brush, or even cutting rope.

6. Pocket Saw- Pocket Chainsaw for Fast, Portable Cutting, an American Heritage Industries Product (Green)

Features :

  • PORTABLE CHAINSAW- This 24” portable chainsaw easily folds into the accompanying carrying case; It includes 33 razor sharp teeth on heat-treated carbon steel
  • POCKET SAW- This handheld portable saw works bidirectionally; The sharpened teeth work in both directions allowing for quick cutting through wood when out in the wild, and you need those survival tools to be efficient and effective
  • HANDHELD SAW- The beauty of this sharpened steel saw is its portability; It carries cleanly and easily in a small, included carrying case; This allows you to keep your saw with you at all times, so you are always prepared for the wilderness
  • SHARPENED TEETH- The multitude of bidirectional, sharpened steel teeth make this portable saw shockingly powerful and effective; You can quickly and effectively cut through wood to help make your survival in the woods as simple as possible
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED- This portable handsaw comes with the American Heritage Industries guarantee; If you have any questions or issues at all with your product, simply reach out to our Cleveland, OH based customer service team and we will get you back on track!

Additional Info :

Color Green

In the world of golf, dress is a very important factor. You need to look stylish and beautiful during the game, and this is probably what most golfers care about most. The smallest mistake on the golf course can cost you the game, so it’s important to keep your clubs in good shape and ready to play. A pocket chainsaw is an excellent way to do that.

The American Heritage Industries model we recommend here is a reliable option. It comes with a 13-inch blade and runs at an efficient 400 strokes per minute. This means you can use it to cut down small trees or thicker branches without worrying about the power it provides.

7. Grospe Pocket Chainsaw 24 Inch Portable Hand Zipper Saw Long Chain Pocketsaw for Wood Cutting Outdoor Camping Tool(Orange)

Features :

  • √”3X More Faster”: A razor sharp cutting blade on every single link, Best pocket chainsaw will cut through wood with ease, reduce the amount of time and effort that you need in cutting down a branch.
  • √”Portable Hand Zipper Saw”: he perfect length of 24″ make it a perfect fit for anyone. Complete with pouch. Features bi-directional self-cleaning style cutting teeth, easily tear through wood while cutting on both strokes.
  • √”Durable and Strong”: Strong durable bands with bright orange color.the chain is made of heat-treated steel chain with long-lasting corrosion resistance and durability.
  • √”Easy to Use”: Pocket chain saw with two nylon handle straps, ultralight, portable, flexible, wear-resistant. chain can be folded into small size, then packed in carry pouch with locking plastic buckle.
  • √”Camping Tool”: Mainly Used For Forest Harvesters, Wood Sawing. Ideal for Cutting Firewood in Survival Situations Such as Campers,Backpackers, Fishermen, Hikers etc.

When I was in the market for a pocket chainsaw, I chose not to go with a cordless one. Cordless chainsaws are great, but they are not as ideal for use as a portable one. The cord is much less flexible, which makes it feel awkward when you’re carrying it around. But the cord on this saw is quite flexible, and it’s relatively short. You can leverage this cord’s shortness by carrying the saw on your waist, instead of your shoulder.

This is a great option for those who have back problems. And I also love that the cord is made of steel. The cord is 24 inches long, which is longer than other saws.

8. KILLIAN’S Store Camping Hand ChainSaw Portable Pocket Camping Tool Chain Saw Emergency Saw

Features :

  • PORTABLE: Lightweight and compact size makes this emergency survival saw easy to pack and take along
  • QUICK CUT: Quickly cut small to medium-sized tree limbs into usable wood for a lifesaving fire, shelter or to build a rescue signal fire
  • MULTI -APPLICATION: Rescue survival necessity. Pocket Chain Saw can not only be used for home garden fixing but also suitable for hiking, camping, hunting, firewood collecting, tree-cutting, motorcycling, traveling etc.outdoor activities
  • HIGH QUALITY: The flexible blade cuts at a wide variety of angles and with very little clearance. Designed to cut in any direction, Handsaws are made of heat-treated high strength carbon alloy and steel for long-lasting durability
  • EASY TO USE: Holding the two handles, pull the chain saw body make it taut, saw briskly moved back and forth

Additional Info :

Color Orange

Portable chainsaw chainsaw is the best tool for camping and hiking. This tool is not only durable, but also compact and lightweight. Hand chainsaw is not just compact, but also lightweight. It has a powerful 15cc engine, but is still lightweight and compact. This tool is quite easy to carry around, which is convenient for camping and hiking.

The head is made of durable plastic, but the sharp blade is made of high-quality steel. This blade is not only sharp and durable, but also lightweight and easy to use. The chainsaw is powered by two-stroke engine, and the fuel tank can hold up to 2. 5 liters of fuel.

9. Pocket Chainsaw, Portable Compact Chain Rope Hand Saw with Carrying Pouch Emergency Survival Folding Hand Saw Chain for Wood Cutting Outdoor Hiking Camping Hunting Survival Gear Garden Work

Features :

  • [Comfortable Handle and Ecofriendly Material]: This pocket chainsaw is far more efficient than traditional handsaws, no fuel is necessary; Operates manually and there are no harmful chemical emissions which pollute breathing air; The handles are soft nylon which is more comfortable to grab onto than paracord and won’t cut into your hands or cause blisters
  • [Faster Cutting Speed & Saving Much Effort]: Rope saw can cut through wood from small branches to large tree trunks in seconds and cuts over head branches with ease, the flexible chainsaw links create steady yet flexible bi directional motion, which saves a large amount of time and effort. You can also extend the handles with rope to reach higher heights.
  • [Ultimate Camping and Survival Tool]: This lightweight pocket chainsaw is stronger, and more compact than a wire or cable saw and includes a high quality pouch that attaches to your belt for convenience; Use your wire saw when traveling in your RV or toss it into your backpack so that you’re always prepared for an emergency in the woods
  • [Perfect Gift With A Mulpitle Uses]: The universal hand saw ideal for many different wild situations, plus high quality material, portable pocket size and cool appearance; What a best choice as a cool pocket saw gift for campers, hunters, hikers, backpackers and any outdoorsman
  • [Quality Budget Friendly]: The camping saw tool is exactly as advertised; Durable, high quality and efficient with maximum production at a relatively low price! Made with manganese steel, and folding saw is corrosion and rust resistant; Portable pocket chainsaw is packed with the benefits of costly, bulkier market brands; however, survival saw is a much more cost efficient solution

Additional Info :

Color Orange and Silver
Item Dimensions
Height 0.393700787
Width 3.93700787
Length 4.9212598375

This pocket chainsaw is undoubtedly the best product we’ve come across in this list. With its portable compact design and folding feature, this chainsaw is a perfect choice for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. With two included chain lengths, you can use it for cutting wood up to 3 or 4 feet. This chainsaw also comes with a compact and portable carrying pouch that is made of nylon, ensuring that it can withstand the rough handling it may receive during transportation.

The saw itself is made of metal, and it is compact and lightweight, weighing under 2 pounds. The chain included in the box is 24 inches long. This chainsaw is easy to use.

10. Pocket Chainsaw 48 Teeth 3X Faster 36 Inch Long Chain Saw Portable High-Efficiency Compact Camping Survival Outdoor Gear Chain Hand Saw For Wood & Tree Fast Cutting

Features :

  • 🔥Perfect Longer Length—36 inches pocket chainsaw is an ideal fit for anyone and can fold within 4 inches, with super durable nylon straps. Instead of other untie handles, the survival bracelet’s paracord provides additional length to make this pocket chain saw easy to swing over high branches for cutting or pruning.
  • 🔥Durable and Toughest—Made of industrial-grade heat treated steel chain for long-lasting durability, double and self-cleaning cutting teeth on every link, more teeth allow for faster, more efficient cuts. Sawing the three sides of the thick wooden limb at one time.
  • 🔥Triple Times Faster—These 48 flexible blades provide an efficient cutting, built with high-quality manganese steel, easy to cut through wood, devour wood with each time pull, save your effort and time to cut down a branch.
  • 🔥5-IN-1 Survival Bracelet—High-quality compass, emergency Whistle, survival fire starter, ultra-strong parachute rope, and sharp blade, these five functions in one paracord survival bracelet, emergency gear necessary for everyone.
  • 🔥Customer Service—Thank you for choosing our products. If the product has any quality problems, please feel free to contact us before you make an evaluation. We will give 7 * 24 hours of customer service will be provided to you all the time.

Additional Info :

Color 36IN 48TEETH

The first product on our list is the

Avalanche CO2 Pruner with Desperate Chain Saw Wood Cutter. This product is able to cut through wood, including hard woods like oak and maple. It is also equipped with a chain saw of 48 teeth. Therefore, you can use it with hard woods that have a heavy load. The chain saw pruner has a 48-teeth chain saw.

It can cut through wood, although it is best suited to cut hard woods like oak and maple. It has a 3x faster cutting speed compared to other chain saws. It is also compact, but this does not mean it is not a powerful tool.

Things To Consider Before Buying A portable pocket chainsaws

In this section, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a portable pocket chain saw as well as highlight some of the key features to consider when picking the best portable pocket chain saw. What Makes a Pocket Chain Saw a “Pocket” Chain Saw?
Most chain saws have a long metal chain with a loop in the middle where the handle is attached. This loop is called a “barrel” and is where you hold the chain saw. Pocket chain saws, on the other hand, have a very small barrel. Instead, they have a separate handle and a smaller chain with a loop in the middle that attaches to the end of the handle. Why Buy a Pocket Chain Saw?
There are many benefits to using a pocket chain saw. These benefits include:

Portability – You can cut branches and trees anywhere, regardless of weather or terrain. Convenience – You can quickly trim small trees or shrubs without having to do it at home. Ease of Use – You don’t need any special skills to use a pocket chain saw. Versatility – You can use a pocket chain saw to cut down trees, branches, firewood, and other materials. Reduced Injury – Using a pocket chain saw is safer than using a regular chainsaw.

Reduced Noise – Using a pocket chain saw keeps the noise level to a minimum. Low Cost – Using a pocket chain saw is much cheaper than having to hire a professional to cut down trees or branches. High Safety – The small size of pocket chain saws ensures that the blades don’t create a lot of cutting force. How Do Pocket Chain Saws Work?
A pocket chain saw. A pocket chain saw works by producing high-speed, very-hard cuts with the use of a high-speed steel chain. The chain is attached to a handle, which allows you to apply the force needed to cut the material. Most pocket chain saws have a single chain that runs from the end of the saw to the center of the handle. Some models, however, have a double chain that enables you to cut more deeply. To start a cut, you put some force on the handle and slide the saw forward. The saw then cuts through the material, which is then propelled forward by the force you applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • So is a chainsaw a good choice when you travelling?

    We all know that when you’re out in the wilderness doing a big job, you need a big, heavy, powerful machine. That’s why people like chainsaws so much. To be honest, I’ve never used one so far.

    I’ve heard a lot about them and I know they’re quite popular on the forums. But I don’t know how about the actual experience.

  • As we mentioned earlier, for a chainsaw to be a good choice for travelling, it needs to meet a few criteria. To start with, it needs to be small and lightweight. This not only makes it easy to carry but also takes away the worry of it getting damaged if you accidentally drop it. In addition, the chainsaw also needs to have a single chain. This makes it easier to handle and cuts down on the number?

    S of things you need to think about when travelling with a multi-chain saw. The saws reviewed below are all lightweight and compact and have a single chain which makes them ideal for travelling. The saws included in this review all have a single-handed chain brake which is a must for travelling.

    Another great feature to look for when choosing a chainsaw for travelling is the type of engine it has.


Portable chainsaws are great for homeowners who want to get into small or hard-to-reach areas without the weight and bulk of a regular saw. They’re well suited for trimming trees, shrubs, and even bushes. Our top pick is the Black+decker BDCD1500L. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and has long-lasting battery power.

It also has an LED charge indicator, and the chain and guards are detachable, so you can easily clean the saw. The best budget pick is the CARBO AirStik. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

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