Top 10 Picks Best Survival Pocket Chainsaws For 2022

Top 10 Picks Best Survival Pocket Chainsaws For 2022

You need to keep your hands and arms warm, not the thick gloves. So you need to have a good pocket chain saw. Now, the problem is that most of the tools are too large, so you can’t easily fit in your pocket. That’s why you need the right pocket chainsaw. Today, I’m going to review three of the best survival pocket chainsaws to help you care for yourself and your loved ones in the case of an emergency.

No matter what kind of emergency it is, you need to have a reliable tool at hand. And if you’re looking for a pocket chainsaw that you can easily take everywhere with you, then read on to find out what you need. As a survivalist, I consider a pocket chainsaw as a must-have tool. It’s a powerful tool for any kind of emergency in any kind of situation.

10 Best survival pocket chainsaws Reviews in 2022

Every family should have at least one good quality pocket chainsaw for emergencies. It can be a lifesaver in an emergency. What if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest road? You don’t want to waste time cutting down branches and wood to make a shelter.

A pocket chainsaw is extremely useful to have, even if you never intend to use it.

1. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain & FREE Fire Starter Best Compact Folding Hand Saw Tool for Survival Gear, Camping, Hunting, Tree Cutting or Emergency Kit. Replaces Your Pruning & Pole Saw

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.8
Width 3.4
Length 4.7
Weight 0.3086471668

S and can be a versatile all-around tool when it comes to felling, trimming, shaping & cutting trees, limbs, branches, wood, wood debris, firewood, logs, fallen trees, etc. it is versatile, durable and has a durable 18-inch long chain that can cut through wood to the length of up to 36 inches. the chain can also be used to clear trails, drive stakes, hammer, etc.

with the help of the firestarter, you can ignite the chain just like creating a spark with a flint & steel. the saw can also be used for scooping, cutting & clearing snow.

2. CAMPNDOOR Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch – 65Mn Heavy Duty Fired Steel Wire Saw – 48 Tiger Claw Teeth Hand Chainsaw – Camping Saw for tree Rope Saw – Camp Survival Saw – Backpacking Gear Cable Saw Pocket Saw

Features :

  • THIS HAND SAW WON’T QUIT – 4000N Testing on this 65Mn MANUAL chainsaw means only a 988+ LB Man could break it from misuse, making these camping accessories a powerful companion to the pocket knife, pocket saw survival, tree saw high limb, rope chain saw, bear spray, survival gear saw, army knife, fire starter, bushcraft saw, long rope chainsaw, chain hand saw for trees trimming and emergency food supply you keep inside your camping gear, hunting gear or outdoor gear backpacking survival kits.
  • LESS EFFORT, EXTREME POWER – CUTS FAST, WON’T GET STUCK: 2x Faster Cut&Clear combines 48 Tiger Claw Teeth with 48 Clog-Clearing Bulldozer Teeth. So you can cut deeper and faster, for longer than any other tactical hatchet camping supplies. We fit more camping knife teeth per square inch too, making this the ultimate people power portable chain saws, cable saw for wood double sided, limb saw chain, tree cutting rope with handles, tool kit hiking gear string saw for doing it all.
  • SLICE LIKE BUTTER – RETAINS & RESHARPENS – No Chainsaw Sharpener Required: STAMINAHold Edge and Tiger Claw Angle on this portable hand saw slice through the sloppiest, densest brush with ease, retaining its Perfected-Precision angle, then resharpens with a standard file.
  • SURVIAVL SMART- SHOCK ABSORPTIVE, LIGHTPACK HAPPY: Lightweight Manganese (Mn) infusion naturally absorbs shock away from hands, for hours of comfortable use, then quickly clips to belt loop – for zero-hassle bushcraft & backpacking. Or Homesteading. Because you know they just don’t quit.
  • PASS ALONG THE WISDOM – Heirloom Trading Post Quality makes this the wisest choice can’t risk-failure survivalists, outdoor ed teachers, and grandparents who want to impart critical life skills to survive any emergency you can dream up. Get It. Try It. Love It. Agree it’s the best, or we’ll buy it back. We’re that confident it’s the only choice for people who stay prepared. Lifetime warranty.

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5
Width 0.5
Length 50
Weight 0.5

The CampnDoorn pocket chainsaw is a heavy-duty tool that comes in three sizes. The 36-inch model is the most appropriate for light to medium-duty tasks. Like the others in this list, the chain comes with a 65 millimeter (mm) diameter, adding extra force to the saw and making it very powerful. The steel wire comes in a variety of sizes, including 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

The 65mm chain can also be used with other saws. The saw also incorporates a tiger claw handle that is designed to provide a secure grip. The teeth are made of high-quality steel, ensuring they don’t rust and last a very long time.

3. YOKEPO Survival Pocket Chainsaw Folding Hand Saw Chain 33 Serrated 3x faster 24 inch Hand Saw with Orange Straps Camping saw for Wood cutting Hiking Survival Bracelet Whistle Wristband and Firestarter

Features :

  • 3X FASTER– High performance! Three times more blades make cutting trees more efficient. The Bi-Directional cutting blade on EVERY link of the chain and built with high quality 65 Mn steel which is the BEST material for saws.
  • The perfect length of 24″ make it a perfect fit for anyone. Complete with pouch and belt clip, Makes A Great Gift For Any Outdoor Enthusiast.
  • Lightweight and Compact Size Makes This Emergency Survival Saw Easy to Pack and Take Along. Mainly Used For Forest Harvesters, Wood Sawing. Ideal for Cutting Firewood in Survival Situations Such as Campers,Backpackers, Fishermen, Hikers etc.
  • Strong durable bands with bright orange color. Come with Portable Pouch and Wristlet-woven made from (more than) 2m Survival Rope and an extra Flintstone.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE– It’s our goal to have 100% Satisfaction for our customer–You. Any quality-related issues to our saws, please feel free to contact us for a replacement or full refund, we are always here for you. We have 60 days Money Back Guarantee for our product.

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.4375

ToolIf you are a person who feels more comfortable with larger chainsaws, then this one from Poppen is just what you need. It is a larger chain saw that can be used for cutting branches of all shapes and sizes. And it is also easier to use, all thanks to the convenient mounting handle and the reinforced chain, which are both 3x faster and stronger. This makes it faster, easier, and more effective. Another advantage of this saw is that it is easy to fold and very compact.

This makes it an ideal choice for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. The saw is also very durable and can be used for a long time without any issues. And it is also easy to clean and maintain.

4. SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear -36 Inch Long Chain & Free Fire Starter Kit -Compact Hand Saw for Trees -Folding Hand Saw Tool for Camping, Hunting Emergency Kit -Backpacking Gadget Camp Saw

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5
Width 0.5
Length 36
Weight 0.525

-portable saw for hiking, backpacking -foldable camping saw -portable chainsaw for hiking, backpacking, hunting -chain saw for camping, hunting, survival -best survival chainsawThis is one of the most useful chainsaw accessories you can have. This sumpri pocket chainsaw survival gear comes with a fire starter kit that contains a magnesium firestarter, a waterproof matches, and a striker. This is a perfect fire starting kit that you can use to ignite fires whether you are stranded in the woods or stranded at sea.

This is a great addition to your camping, backpacking, and hunting gear. Get this product and also get the saw for camping, hiking, hunting, and backpacking.

5. Pocket Chainsaw with Paracord Handle 36 Inches 16 Teeth Long Chain Hand Saw Fast Wood & Tree Cutting Emergency Survival Gear Best for Camping Backpacking Hiking Hunting.

Features :

  • ✔ PORTABLE CHAIN SAW WITH MULTIPURPOSE PARACORD HANDLE: The camp saw extremely light weight, versatile and flexible. 36 inches chain can be folded within 6 inches and total weight only 0.44bls, you take it just as convenient as taking a cell phone! More exciting is its cool paracod handle, it can be untied and extended to maximum 275 inches to reach high branches or other emergency satuations. Perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, simple yard work and whenever you need to cut down wood.
  • ✔ FASTER CUTTING SPEED & SAVING MUCH EFFORT: With eleven sharp cutting saw blades, the portable survival saw can cut through wood from small branches to large tree trunks in seconds and cuts over-head branches with ease, the flexible chainsaw links create steady yet flexible bi-directional motion, which saves a large amount of time and effort.
  • ✔ MOST DURABLE & TOUGHEST WILD SURVIVAL GEAR: Made of industrial-grade heat treated steel chain for long lasting durability, with super strong paracord handles and self cleaning style cutting teeth. You never worry about hindering you for the reason of low cutting efficiency.Comes with a convenient and compact belt loop pouch to store hand chain saw. It’s great to put into your pockets, bags or hang on the belts. Definitely be helpful to your bushcraft needs.
  • ✔ THE PERFECT GIFT WITH A MULPITLE USES: The universal hand saw ideal for many different wild situations, plus high quality material, portable pocket size and cool appearance. What a best choice as a cool gift for campers, hunters, hikers, backpackers and any outdoorsman!

Additional Info :

Color 36 inches
Item Dimensions
Height 0.16
Width 0.39
Length 43
Weight 0.35

The first thing you’ll notice about this chainsaw is the cord that’s used to operate it. It’s a paracord, which is basically a nylon or polyamide fiber with a nylon sheath (inner covering). This fiber is durable and has many uses – think, karambit/daggers. The cord is strong, thick, and has a breaking strength of up to 300 pounds.

As a result, this chainsaw can be used to cut through thick branches and logs. It’s also resistant to most chemicals and oils, making it a reliable tool in harsh work environments. As a user, you won’t notice any delays in action.

6. Roadfare Pocket Chainsaw – 36 Inch Hand Saw With 48 Bi-Directional Teeth – Camping and Survival Chain Saw For Fast Easy Cutting

Features :

  • Rips through thick tree limbs like butter: this 48 teeth pocket chainsaw is 36 inches long with sharp teeth on every link, so that means the saw cuts 3 x faster than saws with teeth on every third link, and even thick tree limbs are no match for this compact but mighty hand chainsaw.
  • Bi-directional teeth reduce binding: this portable, manual chainsaw is like having Paul Bunyan in your pocket. The 48 saw teeth are made from strong heat-treated steel and cut both ways into the wood with less binding or sticking for fast and easy non-slip cutting. The teeth stay sharp easily with a ⅜ P Chainsaw file.
  • 36 inch chain rope cuts overhead branches easily: this rope chainsaw is 36 inches, making it easy to swing over high branches for cutting or pruning and fit into tight grooves where chainsaws can’t. The extra length creates a safe distance and easier cutting for one or two people.
  • Comfortable handles: the handles are soft nylon which is more comfortable to grab onto than paracord and won’t cut into your hands or cause blisters. The orange color makes it easy to find your manual pocket saw – even in the dark.
  • Ultimate camping and survival tool: this 5.96 ounces lightweight pocket chainsaw is stronger, and more compact than a wire or cable saw and includes a high-quality pouch that attaches to your belt for convenience. Use your ropesaw when traveling in your RV or toss it into your backpack so that you’re always prepared for an emergency in the woods.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.5
Width 4
Length 4
Weight 0.355625

We start off our list of the best pocket chainsaws with the roadfare 36-inch hand saw with 48 bi-directional teeth. This saw has a cutting length of 36 inches. It is a lightweight saw which weighs in at only 7. 2 ounces. This makes it an extremely easy to carry saw. You can easily take it with you wherever you want to go.

The saw has a chain retention system which helps to keep the chain strong. This system helps to prevent the chain from getting bent too easily. The saw also comes with a chain lubricant to help maintain the chain’s strength. The saw has an easy release mechanism.

7. Pocket Chainsaw 2 Pack Stainless Steel Emergency tree limb cutter rope saw 20.5”inch Survival hand held wire Saw Camping Gear Folding Chain saw kit Hunting Jungle Outdoor Tools

Features :

  • WIDELY APPLICATION – Use for survival chain saw,survival gear,pocket chain saw,backpacking gear,cordless chainsaw,chainsaw chain,hunting gear,bow saw,stihl pole saw,backpacking,chainsaw chaps,stihl chainsaw,survival axe,chain saws for trees,hand saw,pruning saw,camping gear,survival electric chainsaw,wood saw,cordless saw,chainsaw,gears,folding saw,chainsaws,tree saw,stihl chainsaws,saws,chain saw,gold rope chain,camping axe,hiking gear
  • EFFECTIVELY & COMPACT DESIGN – Use for pvc pipe cutter,soap cutters with wire.Portable and easy to use,it can be applied to cut wood, bone, plastic, soft metal and rubber.Flexible and lightweight, easy to carry.Small size, light weight and easy to carry. It’s a good tool for survival in the wild.The handle is used of plastic ring design, can more effectively protect the user’s hands and reduce the pain in the fingers when pulling. It’s great to put into your pockets, bags or hang on the belts.
  • SPECIFICATION & HOW TO USE IT – Use for wire saw survival,soap cutter wire,pvc pipe reamer,duct board cutting tools,soap wire cutter,2 inch pvc cutter,3 8 polyethylene tubing,pvc pipe 4 inch diameter,pex cutter tool.Put your fingers in the thumb ring on both sides, stretch the saw body to tighten up and move the saw body back and forth lightly.Material: steel wire + plastic.Net Weight: The big one is 155g the small one is 20g,With two holders and saw-tooth, it’s sharp and be careful when use
  • EASY TO CARRY & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Use for ratcheting pvc cutter,pvc pipe corner.With saw tooth and two rings. It can be used for cutting wood, plastic, rubber and metal bone.Use as survival kit,bug out bag,emergency kit,survival gear,hand saw,electric chainsaw,chainsaw,chain saw,emergency light,tool bags,gorilla tape,saw,weed eater,trauma kit,hiking gear,survival emergency,the road back to you,climbing tree stand,camping gear,pole saw,tree climbing gear,firestarter,the giving tree.
  • 100% SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SERVICE – Use for pocket chainsaw with handles,wire soap cutter,armored cable cutter,wire rope cutter,porter cable table saw.The chain saw is light weight, versatile and flexible.Definitely be helpful to your bushcraft needs.Perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, simple yard work and whenever you need to cut down the wood.Package Included:2 Pieces x Camping Survival Stainless Steel Wire Saw Rope;Lifetime Warranty;1-5 days shipping date with tracking number

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.3858089585

What a versatile tool that is pocket chainsaw 2 pack stainless steel emergency tree limb cutter rope saw 20. 5”inch survival hand held wire saw camping gear folding chain saw kit hunting jungle outdoor tools. It is a chain saw which is perfect for cutting tree limbs but it can also be used to clear shrubbery, cut wood, cut green branches and make wood chips for campfires. The chainsaw is made of stainless steel and the cutting chains have a length of 20.

5”inches. This length also makes it easier for you to cut the wood and trees as it is long enough to reach the base of the tree. It has certain durability and strength to cut through the hard wood and tough branches.

8. Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear Folding Hand Saw Tool with Fire Starter for Tree Cutting, Camping, Hunting, Hiking, Backpacking Emergency Kit (Black Handle 24Inch-11Teeth)

Features :

  • ✔PORTABLE SURVIVAL CHAINSAW- 24inch-11teeth chainsaw with fire starter and carrying pouch
  • ✔ QUALITY DOES COUNT- Our saw rips through anything from thin branches to large tree trunks in seconds. Cuts over head branches with ease
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT and EASY TO TAKE- The hand saw is in folding design and can be put in a pocket. Lightweight and compact size makes it easy to pack and take anywhere
  • ✔ PERFECT GIFT WILDLY USED- Ideal for hiking, camping or simple yard work whenever you need to cut down a branch. You can also extend the handles with rope to reach higher place
  • ✔ Backed by our 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back

Additional Info :

Color Black Handle 24Inch-11Teeth

The first tool on our list is the first pocket chainsaw survival gear you need to have. It is the best pocket chainsaw in the market today. You can use it for cutting wood, bamboo, and branches for making spears, bows, and arrows. It is also ideal for cutting rope, cloth, and leather. This saw has a 24-inch black handle. It is the length of an average hand.

The handles are designed with a textured grip that provides excellent control when sawing. It is also lightweight thanks to its aluminum alloy body. The chain can be easily and smoothly adjusted depending on the job you are doing. The chain is made with special coating to prevent rust, tear, and fray.

9. Pocket Chainsaw With Handles Survival Saw – Pocket Saw Folding Hand Saw Chain Portable Hand Saw Rope Saw for Trees with Bag Bi-Directional Cutting Teeth Camping Saw Folding Wood Saw Hunting Saws

Features :

  • High-Quality Foldable Saw: This 25-inch survival hand saw excluding the handle is made of high-strength super heat-treated carbon steel with super-strong and durable nylon belt. This portable chain saws for trees with rope is perfect for anyone cutting hard wood.
  • Lightweight Rope Chainsaw: The sportsman pocket chain saw has a folding design and can be placed in a pocket, folding saw for backpacking, saw is lightweight and have compact size. This emergency survival kit chainsaw wire makes easy to pack and carry with in nylon bag
  • Easy Use of Portable Saw: The emergency rope chain saw have two-way tooth so this survival folding hand saws for trees can cut very quickly. The blade reaches the three sides of the limb at a time. This handsaw for wood cutting is better than cutting cables
  • Comfortable Handles Hand Chain Saw: The handle of portable cut off saw is made of soft nylon, which is more comfortable to hold and will not cut your hands or cause blisters. Orange color makes it easy to find your manual chainsaw even in the dark.
  • Portable Survival Saws: This 5-ounce lightweight pocket camping chainsaw is stronger and more compact than a cable saw. When traveling in an RV, use a outdoor survival chainsaw chain throw it into your backpacking saw so you can always be prepared for an emergency in the forest.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.393700787
Width 1.181102361
Length 1.181102361
Weight 0.3125

The first on our list is the Propello Pocket Chainsaw with Handles. This chainsaw is very compact and weighs only 230 grams. This chainsaw is made of high-quality carbon steel and has a rust-resistant coating. The chain is 18 inches long which is the perfect length for most users. The chain is covered by a protective jacket which prevents it from wearing out too fast.

The best part about this saw is its versatility. You can use it for cutting wood, rope, and plastic. The saw can cut through rope very quickly as it has bi-directional teeth. The saw is also very easy to use.

10. Kutir 36 Inch Pocket Chainsaw – Handy Rope Hand Saw Tool for Campting, Cutting Trees, Survival Gear, Hunting, Pruning, or Emergency Use.

Features :

  • ✔ ALL ROUNDER SAW: This 36inch saw is the only saw you need. It is compact, easy to carry and cuts through like butter. That’s why it is suitable for a wide range of cases.
  • ✔ QUALITY MATTERS: The Kutir Pocket Chainsaw cuts any branches with very small effort. It is possible because of our enforced and heat treated blade.
  • ✔ SAVE MONEY – Save Hundreds of Dollars on Tree Service with Our DIY High Limb Cutting Kit UPGRADED Chain with 50% More Blades.
  • ✔ CUT BIG TREE BRANCHES – Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in diameter. Cut limbs 40-feet, or add more rope for higher cuts. Flexible chain for any height limbs.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 1
Length 36
Weight 0.35625

This chainsaw has a 36” (940mm) long, 10? (254mm) wide, and 6? (152mm) high handle and a 7. 5? (191mm) long, 0. 325? (8mm) thick (or 18 gauge) steel chain that can cut through branches up to 6 inches (152mm) in diameter. The chain is rust-proof and taper-ground, meaning it has a more uniform, smoother cutting surface that lasts longer and cuts faster.

What’s more, the chain is full-tension, meaning it won’t warp or break under high stress. The saw comes with a 6-foot (1.

All You Need to Know About Buying survival pocket chainsaws

Pocket Chainsaws – The Best Pocket Chainsaws
As you probably know, pocket chainsaws are extremely small and lightweight. This makes them convenient for carrying and using when you’re outdoors. They also fit in a pocket, making it easy to take them with you when you’re going on a hike, camping trip, or fishing trip. Pocket chainsaws are also a lot more compact than regular size saws. This means that they are easier to store and less likely to take up too much space in your backpack or camping gear. With that being said, pocket chainsaws are not recommended for heavy duty or wood cutting. However, if you’re just looking for a quick and easy solution to cut small branches, clearing brush, cutting up small tree stumps, or other similar uses, then a pocket chainsaw will surely come in handy!

Difference Between Pocket Chainsaws And Regular Size Chainsaws
Pocket chainsaws are usually much smaller and lighter than regular-sized saws. They are also much more compact and easier to carry. While regular chainsaws are more durable, versatile, and more powerful, pocket-sized saws are ideal for more limited, portable, and lightweight tasks.

Differences Between Different Pocket Chainsaw Models
There are different types of pocket chainsaw models on the market today. By knowing the difference between them, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Pocket-Sized Chainsaw With Hammering Function
The first and most popular type of pocket chainsaws is the one with a hammering feature. It’s basically a saw that comes with a hammer attached to the end of the handle. You can use the hammer to pry up or down on large or small objects, but the chain saw itself is mainly used for cutting. These types of saws are very handy and have a lot of uses. But if you’re looking for a more powerful and better quality pocket chainsaw, then you should probably look elsewhere. How To Use A Pocket Chainsaw
When you’re using a pocket chainsaw, there are some rules and guidelines that must be followed for it to work properly and effectively:

Always wear safety glasses and a face mask when using a pocket chainsaw.

FAQ Questions and Answers

  • The BEST Pocket Chainsaws for Survival
    1. POHOA Pocket Chainsaw
    A sturdy pocket chainsaw from POHOA with a blade length of 4.5 inches, perfect for small jobs. It’s ideal for camping or hiking.

    2. Buck KNIVES Flashlight Saw
    A compact, lightweight saw with a blade length of 2.8 inches that fits perfectly in your pocket. Ideal for camping and backpacking.

    3. TOPS Pocket Chainsaw

    Easy-to-use, compact saw with a blade length of 3. 2 inches. Ideal for camping and backpacking. 4. BLACKHAWK! Pocket Chainsaw A sturdy pocket chainsaw with a blade length of 4. 5 inches.

    Ideal for camping and backpacking. 5. TOPS Pocket Chainsaw A sturdy pocket chainsaw with a blade length of 4. 5 inches. Ideal for camping and backpacking.


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