Top 10 Best Titanium Sporks Reviews In 2022

Top 10 Best Titanium Sporks Reviews In 2022

A wise man once said, “Pack in style, carry out with style. ” And that wise man was Esquire magazine. Whether you are a student, a businessman, or a traveler, carrying around heavy, bulky items like keys, wallets, or bags is just not practical. But then, what if a single item could fulfill all your storage needs?

Well, that is what a titanium spork is for.

It is a compact, lightweight, and durable utensil that does it all. It is a fork-shaped utensil that can be used for eating and drinking, and a knife that can be used for slicing, dicing, and mincing. What’s more, titanium is a very lightweight material, making it the ideal choice for travelers.

10 Best titanium sporks Reviews in 2022

If you’re someone who loves to go hiking, taking picnics with your family, or simply hosting guests, you know the value of having a bunch of colorful, eco-friendly, and sturdy partyware with you. As a parent, I know how important it is to have items worth gifting to our kids.

1. Snow Peak Titanium Spork – 0.6 Oz – Titanium

Features :

  • Durable Cutlery: Enjoy your meals with this sturdy flatware whether at home or camping
  • Versatile Utensils: Snow Peak sporks are easy to use with pizza, pasta, rice, and ice cream alike
  • Handy Titanium Spork: Fits in travel backpack and handbag, perfect for camping, hiking, and more
  • Outdoor Dining Bliss: Enjoy the outdoors with our products’ minimalism and elegance
  • Snow Peak: Our backpacking and camping products are made using a historic manufacturing process

Additional Info :

Color Titanium
Item Dimensions
Height 0.1
Width 1.6
Length 6.5
Weight 0.0375

And stainlessHere’s my favorite titanium spork – the Snow Peak Titanium Spork! It’s a lightweight, durable and hydrophobic utensil that will last you for the rest of your life. Not only does this spork look fantastic, but it’s also extremely durable. The material it’s made out of is titanium and stainless steel. This combination of materials makes this utensil super lightweight, but also super durable.

It won’t rust, it doesn’t corrode and it won’t bend easily. Another interesting thing that you should know is that the titanium and stainless steel are bonded together at the molecular level.

2. Light My Fire Camping Spork – Titanium Spork – 3 in 1 Camping Utensils Metal – Camping Spoon Fork Knife Combo – Spork Travel – Backpacking Spork – Lunchbox Spork – Camp Eating Utensil – Version 2.0

Features :

  • CONVENIENT TAKE-AWAY METAL SPORK – The Spork Titanium is the ideal travel cutlery, since you have a spoon, knife and fork in one tool. This lightweight and reusable camping eating utensil is perfect to bring on your outdoor adventures or urban activities. Perfect as lunchbox cutlery, travel cutlery, for your camping and hiking kitchen, or simply for eating on the go.
  • 3 IN 1 LUNCH BOX CUTLERY – Light My Fire’s titanium camping spork is a multifunction tool, a practical combination of knife, fork and spoon. Great survival utensils when lightweight a space-saving is important. The camp spork has teeth for light cutting work and is safe to use when stirring food in a pot or flipping food on a frying pan over a gas kitchen or open fire.
  • ECOLOGICAL AND SUSTAINABLE REUSABLE SPORK – The only travel spork to take with you, anywhere you need it. These Swedish made metal sporks are made of lightweight titanium and can be used over and over again. Perfect as hiking cutlery when weight is important or as “Spork to go” when you decide to buy a take away lunch from your favorite restaurant.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT – Including 1 x “Light My Fire Spork Titanium Original”. Length: 17 cm (6,7 In). Reusable cutlery free from BPA. This camping utensil can go in the dishwasher. A heat resistant, non-magnetic, hypoallergenic and very easy to clean metal camping spork. Add this super light spork to your camping utensil pack, we promise that you will find it useful for years to come.
  • A TRAVEL CUTLERY KIT PRODUCED IN SWEDEN – Light My Fire is a Swedish brand that creates camping accessories that reconnect us with nature, wherever we are. No matter which product you choose, its design, color and function are just as attractive and work in the city as in the wild. All plastic parts are made from bio-based plastics – for a more sustainable future. Light My Fire produces all their camping mess kits, fire starters and cooking and eating utensils in their facility in Sweden.

Additional Info :

Color Spork New Version

The light my fire titanium camping spork is designed for camping, backpacking, hiking, and traveling. Combining the best features of a spoon, a fork, and a knife, this titanium lightweight camping utensil is one of the most versatile and useful products you can get for your next trip. The fork is perfect for eating your breakfast cereal and the knife is perfect for cooking your meals. The knife is sharpened on both sides for versatile use.

And the lightweight and durable titanium material makes it possible to use this spork instead of a normal spoon or fork. You can use it both at the campsite or at home.

3. TiTo Titanium Long Handle Spork and Spoon Eco-Friendly Ultralight Portabale Flatware for Outdoor Camping Backpacking Hiking Travel Picnic Tableware with Bag(Spork)

Features :

  • 【Lightweight And Portable】Spork Size is 220*40*40mm/ 7.8*1.6*1.6in. Only 16g/0.57oz each. With 1 Quick-drying bag, portable carrying and easy to store.
  • 【Extended Long Handle】Long handle enough to reach/stir the bottom of the dehydrated meals/Mountain House meal bag/MRE bags,or other deep cook pots, deep containers without getting your fingers dirty or burned.
  • 【Eco-friendly And Safe】99.9% food grade titanium, lightweight, rustproof that is wear-resistant, firm and durable, not easy to rust, acid corrosion, high temperature resistant, environmental protection, healthy, and reusable utensils.
  • 【Easy to clean】Cleaning options are limited on the go. You can wipe them and / or rinse them with cold water as titanium is smooth surface, don’t have to worry about flavor or oils linger on spork and spoon. And dishwasher safe.
  • 【Use occasion】Spork and spoon is Ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, picnic, home, or packed lunches for work or school. Or keep in car in case of impromptu meals.

Additional Info :

Color Spork
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.03527396192

It’s no surprise that we have already introduced you to the TITO Titanium Long Handle Spork and Spoon. The TITO Titanium Long Handle Spork and Spoon is a great option if you are looking for something lightweight and durable. The TITO Titanium Long Handle Spork and Spoon weigh only 7. 2g which makes it super lightweight and easy to pack.

The TITO Titanium Long Handle Spork and Spoon is made from titanium which is one of the lightest metals. Titanium is also stronger than most metals so this fork and spoon is pretty durable.

4. OUTXE Titanium 2 in 1 Fork and Spoon Combo 2-Pack Ultra Lightweight Camping Utensil, Eco-Friendly Spork for Backpacking, Hiking, Outdoors

Features :

  • Ultra-lightweight: A fork and spoon combo all-in-one piece, no need to worry about being weighed down by lugging an entire set of silverware on the go, only 20g/0.7oz each
  • Eco-friendly& Allergy-free: Made of 99.9% pure titanium, 100% food-grade. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Upgraded Design: Smoother edge grinding, safe for your mouth. Equipped with a deep bowl, enough capacity to hold more food
  • Designed for On-the-Go: 50% lighter than the stainless steel one, more durable than the plastic one, perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking, outdoor, travel, and home.
  • What You Get: 2 * Titanium 2 -in -1 Fork and Spoon Combo and 1 * Quick-drying Bag

Additional Info :

Color #1 Titanium
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.039375

, cycling and more. Let’s take a look at the features of this titanium and stainless steel spoon and fork combo. The lightweight and durable fork and spoon combo is made of premium titanium and stainless steel. It has a spoon with a long handle for stirring non-sticky foods, such as oatmeal. The fork is perfect for eating pasta and other foods with a large surface area.

This utensil combo is available in four different colors. There’s black, red, silver, and gold. People who have used this spoon and fork combo report that it’s very lightweight, durable, and high-quality.

5. Navaris Long Handle Titanium Sporks (Set of 2) – 8.4″ (21.5cm) Long Metal Spork Set for Backpacking and Camping – Strong Ultra Lightweight Cutlery

Features :

  • EXTRA-LONG HANDLE: Get to the bottom of freeze-dried meals, dehydrated food bags, meal pouches, vacuum insulated bottles and deep jars. The long handled titanium spork by Navaris means your hands and fingers stay clean when mealtime rolls around.
  • ULTRALIGHT: Made of super light titanium metal, which means you won’t be weighed down by cumbersome silverware while hiking or backpacking outdoors. The Navaris titanium spork weighs just 0.7 oz (20 grams).
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Each spork measures 8.4″ long x 1.5″ wide (21.5cm x 3.9cm) and weighs 0.7 ounces (20 grams). Made of high-quality titanium metal. Delivery includes 2 sporks and 1 storage pouch.
  • PORTABLE: With a fork and spoon together in one combo piece, you’ll save space on outdoor travel, trips or even everyday packed lunches.
  • SUPER STRONG: Metal utensils are built to last and this is no exception. Sturdier than plastic or wood, this clever combination cutlery is sure to last you for many years to come.

Additional Info :

Color Titanium Grey
Item Dimensions
Height 0.216535
Width 1.9685
Length 9.25195
Weight 0.0440924524

Our editor’s choice for the best lightweight camping titanium spork is the Navaris long handle sporks. The Navaris long handle titanium spork is a set of two and is 8. 4” (21. 5cm) in length. The weight of the spork is 0.

8 oz (22g) meaning it is among the lightest titanium sporks on the market (and most importantly the lightest ones we recommend). The Navaris long handle titanium spork is made from titanium so is very lightweight, strong, and durable. It is also very easy to clean as you can wash it in your dishwasher.

6. Longest Titanium Long Handle Spork with Polished Bowl, 9.65 inch/ 245mm Long Spork Extra Strong Ultra Lightweight, Titanium Spork for Home/Travel/Camping Spork Comes with Waterproof Cloth Case

Features :

  • LONGER HANDLE TO REACH DEEP END OF BAG OR COOKWARE: finessCity Long Handled Spork is an Extra Long Spork with 9.65 inch length that is LONGER THAN ANY OTHER Large Spork. The longer length makes it easier to reach to the bottom of your freeze dried food bag. Also you won’t burn your hand or finger while using them as an stirring utensil while you cook that tasty food on your Outdoor Trip due to it’s length. These feature makes is a much better choice than any other Metal Spork
  • BIGGER POLISHED BOWL WITH MATTE FINISH HANDLE: The polished bowl of Ti Spork is bigger than other long spork to give mouth a very nice smooth feel whereas the Matt Handle Finish makes a solid holding for that perfect grip. These are 100% Titanium, each of these Camp Spork is 0.85 oz/ 24.1 gm in weight. The length of Spork Titanium is 9.65 inch/ 245mm & Polished Bowl is 1.57 inch/ 39.9 mm wide. They are better than Folding Spork or Stainless Steel spork due to their weight, length & bowl size
  • WATERPROOF CASE MAKES IT PERFECT FOR TRAVEL/ OUTDOOR USE: The Eco Friendly sporks is very easy to use & handle. They comes with a Premium Washable Waterproof Cloth Case to keep it dry & safe on those rainy trip, away from dust and contamination. It’s not just good for Camping But as it’s very lightweight you can easily carry during Hiking, Trekking & Bushcraft. It’s a must have Sporks for any Backpacking Kit while eating from dehydrated meals pack or making food in bigger or larger pots
  • STRONG, ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE & DISHWASHER SAFE: This titanium Spork Set is Sturdy, Lightweight & easy to carry. These Durable Sporks set is dishwasher safe, not toxic and Environment Friendly which makes it better than those Plastic Spork. There are no after taste when you use it, it is also non-allergenic, odorless & flavorless. Our Camping Sporks are 100% FDA Food Grade Titanium (Ti) & the Reusable Spork set are resistant to Acid, Alkali & won’t rust at all even after extensive usage
  • NO-RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All of our products are made out of 100% Titanium, so rest assured on the life of this Travel Spork. This Backpacking Spork will last for years and on top of that if you don’t like the product (which will be highly unlikely) don’t worry we will refund it even after Amazon provided 30 days policy. You’re protected by our 180-DAYS, no-questions asked ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by our world class customer service

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.8
Width 1.1
Length 9.85
Weight 0.22

, provides total protection against scratches and stains. This spork is also one of the lightest options available in the market. Overall, it is a great option for those who are looking for a lightweight spork. However, the polished titanium finish might take some time to get accustomed to. You may also want to get a case for this product to protect it from scratches.

Another thing about the spork is that the handle is wider than most of the other options. Which makes it more comfortable in your hand. For most of the tasks, this spork is more useful since it is wider. Another great thing about this spork is that it does not bend.

7. OUTXE Titanium Long Handle Spork and Spoon, 8.7-Inch Soup Spoon, Camping Spork and Spoon, Eco-Friendly Coffee Spoon, Spork and Spoon Set

Features :

  • Ultra-lightweight: Only 19g/ 0.67oz each,no burden.OUTXE fork and spoon set is portable and easy to carry for your long backpacking and camping trips
  • Extended Long Handle: 22cm/8.7inch length, long enough to easily reach the bottom of the freezer-dried bag, won’t get your fingers all messy
  • Eco-friendly& Allergy-free: Made of 99.9% pure titanium, 100% food-grade. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Designed for On-the-Go: 50% lighter than the stainless steel one, more durable than the plastic one, perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking, outdoor, travel, and home.
  • What You Get: 1* Titanium Long Handle Spork and 1 * Titanium Long Handle Spoon, and 1 * Quick-drying Bag

Additional Info :

Color #1 Titanium
Item Dimensions
Height 1.57
Width 1.57
Length 8.7
Weight 0.0625

This titanium camping spoon, 8. 7-inch long, is made of sturdy, heat-resistant titanium. The spoon features a long handle and is the perfect combination of spoon, fork and knife. It includes one spoon, one fork, one knife and one extra knife, which are stored in the handle of the spoon. What makes this titanium camping spoon unique is that it is the only spork that also functions as a knife.

The spoon screws into the handle of the spoon, transforming it into a knife that can be used for eating and cutting. The two knives that come with this set are double-edged. They are made of 420HC stainless steel, with a black coating.

8. TOAKS Titanium Ultralight Spork

Features :

  • Material: Titanium (Grade 1 or 2, no coating)
  • Weight: 0.4 oz (11g)
  • Length: 6 3/8″ (162mm)
  • Perfect for backpacking.

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 7.6377952678
Width 0.8661417314
Length 1.968503935
Weight 0.025

If you’re looking for the lightest option on this list, then the toaks titanium spork is a good choice. It weighs in at just 6. 5 ounces, which is not much considering that it’s a titanium utralight spork. This spork is perfect for those who want to carry a lightweight utensil that won’t hurt their pocket.

The toaks titanium spork is a little bit thicker than most plastic sporks on the market. This allows it to be a little bit more durable than most plastic sporks. The durability of the spork is important considering that it only costs $5.

9. TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spork with Polished Bowl

Features :

  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 0.65 oz (19g)
  • Length: 8 1/2″ (215mm)
  • Origin: Designed by TOAKS in California and made in China
  • Notes: 1. Polished bowl gives smooth touch while matte finish provides solid holding. 2. Long handle and flat head make it easy to reach corner in bottle.

Additional Info :

Color Silver
Item Dimensions
Height 7
Width 0.5
Length 1.5
Weight 0.04188782978

The Toaks Titanium Long Handle Spork is a high-end option designed to eliminate the need for multiple utensils as well as provide an elegant way to eat. Its ergonomic long handle is designed to make it easier to scoop food, while the polished bowl and fork provide an attractive appearance to the table. It’s dishwasher safe, meaning it can be easily cleaned, and it comes with the lifetime guarantee. The price tag isn’t cheap, but it’s a good investment.

It’s designed to last a long time. What I like is that it’s perfect for those who don’t eat a lot of different types of food.

10. TiTo Titanium Spork 2-in-1 Spoon,Fork and Knife Lightweight Camping Utensil,Eco-Friendly Flatware for Outdoor Traveling,Hiking,Backpacking and Picnics with Cloth Case (Round,2 pack)

Features :

  • Material: This is made from good quality ultralight Titanium, it will not rust or break,non-allergenic,odorless and flavorless. Smooth edges,fit for your daily eating needs.
  • Lightweight: Only 18g. Length:2-in-1 are 6.5*1.5″, 3-in-1 are 6.5*1″. You can put it in your pocket or packbag,very suitable for camping, backpacking, hiking, picnics, family gatherings and lunch.
  • 3 in 1: Match with fork,spoon and knife. The edges are smooth, and the deep spoon can hold more soup without having to carry a full set of utensils.
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% FDA food grade,washable and resuable.You needn’t carry many cooking utensils when you sport at outdoors. Say goodbye to sturdy and durable low-cost plastic equipment.
  • Packing:1* Titanium 2-in-1 Spoon-Fork or 1*3-in-1 Spoon-Fork-Knife ; 1*Cloth bag.

Additional Info :

Color Round,2 pack
Item Dimensions
Weight 40

Best titanium sporks You Are Looking For

Titanium sporks. The titanium sporks are the best option for picnics, outdoor sports and camping. You can also use it as a utensil for cooking and eating, or as a gift for your loved ones. The titanium sporks are quite small and light, making them easy to carry. With a large carrying case, you can also take it anywhere with you. They are made of high-quality titanium, which is also very durable. The titanium sporks also have a smooth surface, so it won’t be difficult for you to use them. Features to consider when choosing titanium sporks
There are various titanium sporks that are available in the market, but not all of them are good. You need to be careful before you make your choice. Here are several features that you need to consider before you make your choice:

The first thing that you need to consider is the material used to make the sporks. The material must be strong and durable. It should be resistant to corrosion, and if you want to make it more durable, you can put a coat of titanium nitride on it. Titanium is the best material that you can choose for making titanium sporks. Weight
The titanium sporks shouldn’t be too heavy. You don’t want to struggle while you’re carrying it.

The weight is usually measured in ounces. Most titanium sporks are around 10 ounces or less. Dimensions
The dimensions are also important. The sporks should be small and light, so you don’t have to struggle while you’re carrying it. The size is also measured in length, width, and depth. Porosity
The porosity is also important. The porosity is the way the material is structured. If it’s too porous, it won’t be easy for you to use it. The material must be resistant to wear, and you should check the welds and make sure they’re strong enough. Hardness
The hardness is also important. The hardness is measured in Rockwell C hardness. The hardness is measured from 50 to 300. The higher the hardness, the stronger the material is. The Rockwell C hardness is also important for the titanium sporks.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

  • This is the one you can’t lose. It folds up into a tiny little triangle, making it easy to store and carry. In addition to this, it is also dishwasher safe, making it an even easier choice for those with families.

    #5 Stainless Steel
    With the majority of this list being made from titanium, stainless steel has a place with those who want one that won’t be damaged by contact with food or the elements.

    #6 Heat Resistant

    Why not both. This is a titanium cookware set that can withstand high and low heat. Having this feature combined with the fact that it is also microwave safe, dishwasher safe and even tumble-proof puts this set above the rest.

    #7 Titanium Coated This is another great feature that is found in a lot of titanium cookware sets.


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