Top 10 Best Yeti Roadie 24 Dry Good Baskets Reviews In 2022

Top 10 Best Yeti Roadie 24 Dry Good Baskets Reviews In 2022

Lets face it, not everyone is as lucky as we are to come across the Yeti Roadie 24. This is the world’s number 1 selling basketball goal. If you do not already have one, you may have heard of it, but chances are you have never experienced it. If you are a basketball enthusiast, the Yeti Roadie 24 is a no-brainer.

No matter what your level of basketball playing is, the Roadie is hard to beat. But what if I told you that you could get a Roadie for a fraction of the price? What if I told you that you could have a Roadie for your kids without being a NBA star?

How about I told you that you could get a Roadie for your friends and family without having to be a billionaire?

Well, the good news is you can. And I am going to show you how.

10 Best yeti roadie 24 dry good baskets Reviews in 2022

Yeti roadie 24 dry good baskets. The yeti roadie is a super portable yeti tumbler with a lid, straw, and 24 good quality dry good baskets. The roadie is a handy and stylish gift for any coffee lover. It is a perfect addition to your home, especially if you are a coffee lover.

Your friends and family will appreciate the thoughtful gift. Using a good quality coffee basket makes a world of difference.

1. Cooler Basket for Yeti Roadie 24 – Dry Goods Wire Rack for Yeti Roadie Ice Chest – Compatible with Yeti Roadie 24 Accessories, Yeti Ice, Yeti Cooler Straps, Tie Down Kits, and Yeti Cooler Accessories

Features :

  • THE WIRE BASKET MADE FOR THE YETI ROADIE 24. This cooler rack won’t collect condensation, unlike plastic dry goods trays, so your lunch will stay high and dry before you throw it on the barbecue, RV grill, or camp stove.
  • TIGHT GRID. Designed so that small items won’t slip through the cracks into the ice, the Yeti 24 shelf allows for cold air circulation so that your food stays chilled and dry at the tailgate party, camp kitchen, or duck hunting blind.
  • PERFECT FIT. This dry storage basket is specifically engineered to fit in one half of the Yeti Roadie 24. Two baskets will fit side by side in the Roadie, as well. Note: this purchase comes with one (1) cooler basket.
  • TOUGH AS STEEL. The powder coated steel wire is rock solid, and built to take a beating at the campsite. A far cry from brittle plastic trays, this beast won’t crack under the pressure of the backcountry. Destined to become one of your favorite Yeti accessories.
  • COMPATIBILITY. This basket is engineered ONLY to fit the Yeti Roadie 24. It will NOT fit the Yeti Roadie 20, the Yeti Tundra, nor other models or brands. The basket is compatible with Yeti Ice, Yeti locks, and other Yeti accessories.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 3.5039370043
Width 6.2598425133
Length 10.1181102259

. The roadie 24 cooler basket is made of weather-resistant polypropylene and durable stainless steel. It’s easy to clean, comes with a lifetime warranty, and has a carrying handle for easy portability. The cooler basket is designed to fit well with the yeti roadie 24 ice chest in both positions, which means it can be used to store dry goods with or without the cooler.

This yeti cooler basket is compatible with accessories for both the roadie 24 and the roadie 22 models. The cooler basket comes with tie downs on the bottom, which help keep the bottom from scratching the ground and keep it in place when full of drinks and food.

2. Maplefield Cooler Tray for Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler Accessories – Dry Goods Plastic Cooler Basket – Camping Cooler Organizer – Keep Food Staying Cool – Side-by-Side Cooler Organizer Insert – 2 Pack

Features :

  • Keep Snacks Cool, Not Crushed — Don’t let your snacks get squished into an unappetizing mess. These Maplefield trays for Yeti ice coolers will keep your sandwiches, fruits, and cheeses safe and dry. Chill your snacks and keep them intact with this cooler divider insert
  • Twice The Storage Space — Fit more than you could before with the Maplefield cooler shelf for Yeti Roadie basket. This set comes with two trays that fit side by side for efficient space-saving storage. Get the most out of your portable cooler and pack everything you need for any trip
  • Portable And Versatile — Beach day? Fishing trip? Picnic? Maplefield cooler insert trays for Yeti Roadie 24 basket help you stay hydrated and energized. Enjoy ice-cold drinks and dry preserved snacks with these cooler accessories at your service
  • Elevate Your Organization — Keep your food chilled till you’re ready to chow down. The Maplefield basket tray set for Yeti 24 Roadie cooler holds your dry goods above ice and freezer packs. While the holes in the tray help circulate cool air keeping your snacks fresh
  • Made Strong And Secure — The Maplefield cooler inserts for Yeti Roadie 24 accessories are made of durable food-safe plastic that contains no BPAs and is completely dishwasher safe. These cooler packs are easy to clean and last for the long term

Yeti is one of the best brands in the cooler industry. Look at the features of this cooler and you will know why. This cooler has three adjustable dividers and two detachable lids. The cooler tray is made of high-quality plastic. It is durable and will last you a long time. It holds up to 24 cans and has an ergonomic design.

It is also foldable and compact, making it easy to store. The cooler insert is made of high-quality stainless steel. The insert can hold up to 10 cans, making this cooler perfect for long tailgating. It is also foldable and compact for easy storage. The organizer insert is made of sturdy plastic.

3. YETI Sidekick Dry, Charcoal

Features :

  • TOUGH & TRUSTWORTHY – Bring on the downpours and the float trips, because the SideKick Dry is built to take on anything.
  • DRYHIDE SHELL – Similar durable materials and construction as high performance whitewater rafts.
  • HYDROSHIELD CLOSURE – Uses powerful magnets to create a 100% waterproof shield.
  • RF-WELDED SEAMS – Means there’s no way in for any rogue wetness.
  • The SideKick Dry has outside dimensions that measure 11 ¾ x 7 1/8 x 3 ¼ inches.

Additional Info :

Color Charcoal
Item Dimensions
Height 0
Width 0
Length 0
Weight 0.88

Yeti is a long-term partner of the extreme athletes and the best cooler brand. And it is not surprising that the company has made a lot of money on the side to the athletes. The sidekick dry is perfect for the adventurers who want to simplify the packing of the cooler. A simple design and a nice, compact size allow you to easily store your sports gear when you’re heading out on the adventure trail.

The insulation is not only durable and comfortable, it also keeps the contents cool for a long time. The dry design is not only easy to clean, but also reduces the chances of bacteria growth inside the cooler.

4. BEAST COOLER ACCESSORIES 2-Pack of (Size Roadie 24) Yeti Compatible Dry Goods Trays – Two Trays Specifically Designed to Fit Side-by-Side and be Compatible with The YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

Features :

  • UNIQUE OFFERING: This Purchase Includes TWO Food Safe, Food & Dishwasher Safe Dry Goods Trays That Fit Side-By-Side In The Top Of Your Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler
  • COMPATIBILITY: Our Patent-Pending Dry Goods Tray Is An Improved Design That Works Specifically With The New YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler
  • EASY TO USE: The Beast Cooler Accessories Dry Goods Trays Allow You to Keep the Hard Stuff Like Drinks Separate the Wet From the Dry So Sandwiches, Soft Foods and Accessories Don’t Get Crushed or Soggy.
  • TWO TRAYS CAN BE USED TOGETHER: Both Dry Goods Trays That Come With This Purchase Can Be Used Together At The Same Time!

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 6.75
Length 10.25

. Designed to hold up to 18 cans, the yeti compatible dry goods trays are the ideal solution to keep your cooler’s storage space to a minimum. Made of high-quality materials, the trays are durable and leak-proof. The bottom section is designed to be sturdy and fit into the yeti roadie 24 hard cooler.

The product itself is lightweight and can be easily transported and stored. The yeti compatible dry goods trays are designed to hold a range of beverages and snacks, which means you can keep your cooler stocked with a variety of food and drink options. The yeti cooler accessories are perfect for road warriors who spend hours on the road.

5. YETI Roadie 24 Basket Accessory

Features :

  • This basket is built to sit perfectly in the Roadie 24 Hard Cooler
  • PROTECTIVE SHELF – Elevates your fruits, veggies, cheeses (you get it) to keep them dry and within easy reach
  • ANTI-SLIDE DESIGN – Designed to stay put, so it won’t slide around when you’re on the move
  • Food Safe and Dishwasher Safe
  • The basket measures: 10 ¼” L × 6 ¾” W × 4” H

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.97
Width 6.6
Length 10.24

Yeti is a well-known brand in cooler accessories. If you are looking for the best cooler basket to help you easily carry things from one place to another, this brand is totally worth considering. Their products are of the highest quality and are made for heavy-duty use. The Yeti Roadie 24 features a 24-inch wide base with a durable aluminum frame. This is the only cooler basket with a durable aluminum frame.

Aluminum is very strong and hardwearing, making this cooler one of the most durable on the market. The base has four large feet to keep it steady. The whole cooler weighs around 15 pounds, making it easy to carry.

6. Cooler Net for Dry Storage and Organization – Compatible with Yeti, Coleman, Igloo, Lifetime, Pelican, Canyon Ice Chests – Compatible w/ Cooler Lights, Wheel Kits, Tailgating Accessories, Camping Gear

Features :

  • KEEP YOUR FOOD DRY OUTDOORS. When your ice melts, be prepared with the ultra strong and stretchy Cooler Pocket. Its patent pending design uses the strongest, stickiest hook-and-loop adhesive tape available — so the net stays put and your goods stay crisp.
  • STAY ORGANIZED. Keep your items dry and tidy inside your ice box. No more searching your camp kitchen for napkins or utensils. Works well with or without cooler baskets, dividers, inserts, and dry goods trays.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE. Field-tested in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, this cooler accessory is water-resistant and sure to hold your items of all shapes and sizes.
  • FITS MANY BRANDS AND SIZES. The net is designed to fit the Yeti Tundra 35, Roadie 24, Roadie 20, Coleman Xtreme, Igloo BMX 52, Igloo Ice Cube, Igloo Latitude, Igloo Marine, Pelican Elite, Canyon Outfitter, Igloo Quantum, RTIC 20, Lifetime coolers, and many more. The net measures 8 1/8″ x 13 1/8″ and stretches to 8 1/8″ x ~15″.
  • REMOVABLE. The hook-and-loop fastener allows easy removal for washing after fishing, hunting, boating, or tailgating. Makes a great gift for the hunter, hiker, camper, or fisherman looking for unique camping accessories.

Additional Info :

Color Medium
Item Dimensions
Height 8.1102362122
Width 0.2755905509
Length 13.1102362071
Weight 0.18

And more

We’ve listed our top picks of the best cooler net on the market and also selected some of our top picks for the best cooler storage accessories. This cooler net is made of strong polyethylene and is compatible with the majority of cooler brands on the market. It comes with a carrying case, ensuring that the net is easy to store and transport. The coolers can all be stored inside the case, ensuring that they are protected.

The cooler net is fairly easy to clean, and you can use a damp cloth to get rid of stains if they occur. One of the best things about this cooler net is that it is compatible with all the cooler accessories out there.

7. BEAST Cooler Accessories (Haul Size) Dry Goods Tray & Storage Basket Compatible with The Yeti Tundra HAUL® Cooler – Specifically Designed to Be Compatible with The Yeti Haul Wheeled Cooler

Features :

  • COMPATIBILITY: THIS TRAY WILL ONLY FIT A YETI HAUL COOLER. The Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler Dry Goods Tray & Storage Basket (Black) Is An Improved Design That Works Specifically With The New Yeti Haul Wheeled Cooler. Our Dry Goods Tray Is Made Specifically to ONLY Fit a Yeti Tundra HAUL Cooler. It Will Not Fit Other Size Yeti Tundra or Other Brand Roto Coolers.
  • DESIGN: Instead of the OEM Wired Tray That Has Large Gaps Where Small Items That Can Fall Through, the BEAST Dry Goods Basket Is a Solid Tray That Can Hold Both Large and SMALL Items. US and EU Patented Design.
  • PERFECT SIZE: This Dry Goods Tray & Storage Basket for the Yeti Haul Wheeled Cooler Fits Perfectly in the Interior Portion of the Cooler and Can Be Moved Around Inside the Cooler to Get to Whatever You Are Reaching for in Your Yeti Tundra Haul.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE: This Dry Goods Basket for the Yeti Haul Fits Perfectly in the Interior Portion of the Cooler and Can Be Moved Around Inside the Cooler to Have Access to Whatever You Are Reaching for in Your Yeti Tundra Haul.
  • ***Yeti Cooler is NOT included in this purchase***

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 3.5
Width 10
Length 13.25
Weight 0.75

. This cooler accessories has a flat base design which means you can use it anywhere and everywhere. The wheeled cooler is the perfect companion on the road and in the field. It can hold up to 18 cans and has a wide base for stability and wheel base. The base has a rubber grip for better traction and feel. The dry goods storage basket comes with a large capacity (16.

5 liter) which means you can store all your goods in one place. It has a tarp design that can be folded away for easy storage and transportation. The wheeled cooler comes with a carrying handle for easier portability. The top lid has a wider opening for easy access.

8. YETI Tundra Cooler Inside Dry-Goods Basket, Fits Tundra 50 & 65

Features :

  • Keeps food high up to prevent soggy sandwiches or wet lunch supplies
  • Made with black coated steel wire
  • Keep your dry goods dry while still keeping them cold
  • Use as a replacement basket or spare
  • NOTE: Order the Dry-Goods Basket to match your Tundra model for an exact fit

Additional Info :

Color Fits Tundra 50 & 65
Item Dimensions
Height 3.4
Width 11.8
Length 12.2

9. Hjdeck Cooler Pad for YETI Roadie 24 Cooler Seat Cushion Customs Self-Ahesive Cooler Pad Accessory – Dark Brown

Features :

  • Customs — Designed for YETI 24 Roadie Cooler, perfect fit your cooler
  • Material — Made of high quality EVA foam, durable for a long time
  • Soft — 6mm foam pad, provide maximum comfort whether you’re sitting or standing on the cooler pad
  • Easy to Install — Self-adhesive cooler pad, just need cleaner the surface of cooler, then peel and stick, finish
  • Easy to Clean — Hjdeck cooler pad for YETI Roadie 24, stain resistant and easy to maintain, you can easily wipe and dirt on it

Additional Info :

Color B-Dark Brown with Black

If you’re looking for a cooler seat cushion that offers outstanding value for money, you should check out the hjdeck cooler pad for yeti roadie 24 cooler seat cushion customs self-ahesive cooler pad accessory – dark brown. It’s a premium product that offers top-notch performance and quality. The cooler seat cushion is made with a high-quality fabric that’s very durable.

Its 4” x 24” size is perfect for most cooler models. The fabric is self-adhesive which means that you don’t need to use any glue to attach it to your cooler’s seat.

10. OtterBox Venture Dry Storage Tray Cooler Accessory Slate Grey

Features :

  • Food grade certified: cleans easily and sanitizes
  • Fits all Venture Coolers
  • BPA Free: safe for your life and health
  • 5.7 quart capacity
  • Backed by OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty

Additional Info :

Color Slate Grey
Item Dimensions
Width 15
Weight 1.5211896078

Best yeti roadie 24 dry good baskets You Are Looking For

Make sure you consider the weight when deciding which basket is right for you the heavier baskets provide better stability and are easier to carry but they are less responsive
When choosing a basket for your yeti roadie 24, consider these things:

How much weight the basket needs to support. How much space the basket needs to have. The type of riding you do. How easy it is to carry the basket. As with all products, your personal circumstances will influence your choice. Still not sure?
Check out the Yeti roadie 24 reviews on Amazon. There are lots of happy customers who have let others know about the great performance and durability of the yeti roadie 24. Baskets for Yeti Roadie 24
The Yeti roadie 24 is a 24 oz. water bottle with a detachable water bottle cage. It has a removable silicon sleeve and 2 water bottle pockets. It is designed to fit most 24 oz.

bottles and is compatible with bike cages, bags, and accessories, making it a versatile and reliable option for a wide range of cyclists. Yeti roadie 24 review
The Yeti roadie 24 is a durable, versatile, and reliable water bottle that is popular with cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. It is available in a variety of colors and has a 24-month warranty, making it a great option for those who need something they can trust. The Yeti roadie 24 is a useful accessory for cyclists that want to keep their drinks cool, keep their hands on the handlebars, and reduce their overall weight. It can also be used for cycling, hiking, running, camping, and more. The Yeti roadie 24 is a well-designed water bottle with a detachable water bottle cage and 2 water bottle pockets, and it is a popular option for those who want to carry their drinks without weight. It is compatible with most 24-ounce bottles and has a 24-month warranty, making it a reliable and durable option for cyclists. The Yeti roadie 24 is easy to clean and can withstand drops, bumps, and other abuse that cyclists can put it through. The Yeti roadie 24 is a good option for those who want to reduce their weight while cycling or who want a durable and versatile accessory that can be used for hiking, cycling, and more.

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These are the top 5 best yeti roadie 24 dry good baskets that will help you play better golf. They’re all designed for different playing conditions, and all of them are easy to clean. If you have any questions about the reviewed yeti roadie 24 dry good baskets, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below for a response within 24 hours.

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